Social media effects on people is huge.

You all have seen that we almost waste full day doing nothing just scrolling and waste entire day. Just sitting and grabbing the same information or story which we find daily. Our medium of news is also social networking sites. Which give us information which are surrounded us. We don’t watch television, hear radio or read newspaper and it is fine because all the medium is not really a good source of information. Because every information is manipulated and than reach to us. But still we have many other medium except social media who can gave us a good source of information.

I have seen many who just enjoy reals whole day. And see story of other and enjoy. But they don’t know what they are actually doing. And really don’t know what they want in their life. For a time being it’s fine but you can not make your bad habits continue and play with your career. Because when you look down you will see that your whole time which is gone. Which you could have spend it in a better manner. And once the time is gone you could not able to come back and reschedule it. So take your step wisely so that you can manage both the things and do not waste time on the things which doesn’t matter to you. Our goal should not be surfer just because of our laziness and demotivation. We should follow our passion and dreams for which we are actually living for and our life is only on us. The decision maker are only we not others. And even someone interface please listen to your words.

I really think that we are very mature and sensible person who know what is good and bad for them. Our life is lot more than what we think just we need time to explore them. Entertainment is required but making it your life is not the ultimate goal of your life. You have to make yourself capable of Living in the world. Family is not for life. And after them you all be alone. And suffering alone is more difficult than having a support. So today you have time and support. So use it properly and make yourself stand somewhere so that later you do not feel helpless. Rest is your life and your wish what you want to do in life and how your step will take you to the betterment. As i have already discuss in my previous post that every step of your is counted.