Biography of a business woman kalpana saroj

An inspirational woman kalpana saroj is the ladie. Who has earn her reputation and self respect. Which she might loose because of her past incidents. As she was a dalit and belongs to a very poor family. Where she was not allowed to study. As she was a girl child and even she got married so yearly at the age of 12. The problem still not end. It was the start her struggle was much more. She was trapped in domestic violence where her in-laws brutally beats her. For small things and blame her family for her condition. But her father come out as a saviour who understand and save her from her in laws. But that was not the end. Society blame his father and her for the things as their noms are against what they did. But her father wanted her to continue her studies but society did not allowed her for such act because it was restricted because she is a girl.

Is being a girl is a crime? Than why always society want the woman to be like what they want them to be. They are very much strong and independent that they can able to survive on their own. And this the spirit which kalpana saroj got when she realised that she have to live she cannot die just because of the society pressure. She have to prove them wrong and bring her self in front of people as a worrier. So she thought to shift to Mumbai. When she reach their she started working in a mill and from their her journey started she earn 2 ruppes a day and 60 in a month. Than she decided to start her own business so she took a loan. And build a boutique. And also employees people who need the job for the living. Than she also gave away building of the person who have been claiming their rights on them. She also become a brocker. But as she was a woman many people do not like it and try to step her down. And also trying to kill her. But she got to know their actions before hand and she complaint it to police officer. And they arrested them. They try to gave her protection. But she refused. Instead she requested to gave her lisence for revolver so that she could handle herself. And they do the same.

And know she is a entrepreneur who actually self-made woman and know she is the owner of 2000 crore empire which she has made own her own. By finding her way out from a dark phase to a good communicator who was not educated. She is just 9 grade pass after than she could not continue her studies. But still she becomes a queen of business. Me and you can also do the same just we need that passion and craze for the work than we can also become a personality which we desire for just focus and believe in yourself rest is destiny. And your work will speak for yourself. As your work will only bring your image in front of people.