Anime Review on ‘DORORO’

Hykkimaru & Dororo

I recently started watching anime shows so some of my friends suggested me to watch this anime called dororo. So I started watching it. After watching it completely I must tell you that it is a must watch anime show. So lets talk about the review of the anime called dororo.

Dororo anime was considered a 26 episode anime released in the year 1969. Then it was adapted into the manga and years later it was remade as ‘Dororo 2021’. So the version which I watched was of the 2021. Dororo was a 24 episode anime produced by the mappa productions and tezuka production aired in the year 2019.

So the story of dororo is considered to be a journey of a guy called hykkimaru in search of his body parts with a child named dororo. The story revolves around a king and his land facing famine. So the king keeps an offer with the devil so that his land could flourish again. Devil agrees and tells the king to sacrifice his own son. The king agrees to sacrifice his new born son to devil and the wicked devil takes away the body parts of the new born baby called hykkimaru.

Hykkimaru was left alive without any internal organs in his body. He was blind, deaf, mute and without hands and legs. So hykkimaru wore prosthetic body parts where two swords are attached to his hands so that he can slain the demons and recapture each body parts. In this journey he meets dororo. They together travel and slain the demons.

It is a must watch anime you will really like it. Its emotional as well because some scenes can make you cry and some can make you smile. According to me it’s a must watch anime.

written by, kris katelin