Love and trust is equally weighted.

Yes it completely true love and trust is equally weighted. Because you love them whom you trusted the most. And they are the only one who breaks your trust and love. We believe in love and than our trust build on other person. But when we broke than our trust and love gets chattered. Because we never expect something like this but it happens. We cannot control these things because these things happen automatically. As we know the fact still we could not get rid of this situation. All this is in emotions based. We cannot control our emotions even we have to because these are natural our anger, crying,etc are all uncontrollable even we want to we could not able to control it.

Loves is expressed and denote as a feeling that other person can connect and hear you without any conversation. And we as a person feel and easily love each other without seeing their background. And love them immensely as they are Everything for you. Your life is incomplete without them. And you as a person could not able to come out of this fever as you cannot see anything even Everything is wrong against them. As your all concentration is only on them and you can see only that person in front of you all the time. You don’t need anyone just them in your life that is the power of love. You can do anything and everything for them at your last breath. It is difficult to forget them. And also forgive them. As your love cannot be explained how much it was and it is irreplaceable. Your love is different for every person. Even you say you love them. But not love them the way you love your other persons like family, friends, relationship etc all the relation is different of every person

Trust is also built when you believe in love. And than it also broken when you deeply get stuck in it. And than you badly come across the real side. And frankly it is not acceptable as we trust someone because we believe in them. And when the trust broke than it coul not believe others who deserves them the most. And we also treat them similar as we were treated. So please be kind and love your Love ones and Never ever break their trust because you will not only loose them but you also go through the same time. Where you will be on there part. The ability to achieve someone love and trust is big thing so do not loose it. If you loose it ones. Than noone will trust you again. That’s the power of love and trust. It can make it and it can distroy l too.