Job is a learning experience

Yes, job helps you to grow as an individual you learn many things in a single medium. You cannot imagined that every field has so many things to experience. You can choose any field as your career. And can experience the depth and use of that thing. Basic are just to clear you with elements but when you perform you realise that there is lot more than we thought in this career. Jobs are not at all bad or making you control by others. You are a decission maker and you are the commander. But we don’t know how to use ourselves as a individual that the reason we could not able to sell ourselves in front of our buyers. Here you are a person who are giving your skills and your boss is taking your skill for his work.

You should know the give and take policy. How your skills are very much powerful and expensive. You do not need to bargain or make yourself down with the small offer. Where your skill just used by others. You have to make yourself that much confident and impactful that everyone will take you on the level you want. Because they know that they need you more than you need them. When you will understand this than you easily get the chance to showcase yourself in a better way. It’s not about money but you should know your value at what stage you are. For a beginner who is not skilled or not have any experience than you might get less money or even you are unpaid. But one thing you will definitely get that is experience and learning. Even you are doing for free but you gain alot as a person.

So value yourself. When you will value your abilities other will definitely impressed with you and will gave a require amount for your skills. You should not see jobs as a burden or you are not getting any output from it. If you think so than use yourself there where you can showcase yourself in a better way. Business is not everyone Cup of tea. But job are also not everyone Cup of tea. So your confidence, skills and experience. Gave you that Chance to grow and learn from each and every step you take. And people around you who can actually gave you a great knowledgeable experience in your field and also a lifetime lesson.

Which you grab from the opportunity you get from your work. And even business will not gave you that variation than in job you will become a personality. Where you know how can you showcase. And become a star. It doesn’t matter if you are worker or boss. Your way of talking will easily make others impressed if you have that quality you easily get name fame and success too. Because all we need is recognition. And it doesn’t matter you are small or big all the things are in your hand how to take it too that level. You will get everything if you know how to use it.