NGOs are doing great job.

NGOs are the helping hand they are actually helping out those who need them. And this process is not a give and take but they really want to do something for them. And I am also the part of it. And I feel blessed and happy when I work for them. The Basic life process is helping others and also becoming a personality we want to be in life. Your satisfaction are not in big gifts or expensive things all you need is love and satisfaction and that you will get when you do something for others more than for yourself.

As your happiness is all around you and in other people than you yourself . Because all you need to do something for others either you get or not get anything out of it. But you will still do it as it gave you happiness which you will find no where and for that you can do anything. This is the reason why people want to be around people irrespective of their choices are very much different expectations are not same. Their still a bound which we cannot find out after so much haterate and ignorance. Our moral is down everyday with the fact that we are useless and never can achieve our goals.

But one thing always in our minds that we can do it because we believe in us. And that believe only comes from people who demotivate us to do better in our life. We are here just because of them. As your failures are the reason of your success and those who criticised you for your failures will make you more strong and Independent and make you realise the importance of your love ones and your own people. You will understand who is your own or who are just fake. So helping make you connect to them as you know you were also there at one time and there was noone except your family. That the motivation and dedication that encourage you do something for others.