Party and enjoying is also a part of life.

I feel, we have to give importance to this section too. Our life is just surrounded by our work and family. But we forget that there is lot more than that.And that is our friends, happiness and enjoyment. You have to gave time to that also. You cannot miss that fun. Because we gets very less time to spend our day like this. These morning comes after a long time. When we actually need our Buddies who will take us far from the things which are making us bounded with. We go to lounge, club, terece and resorts for fun .

But the important thing is that we need our friends who make the party more interesting and fun for us. The craze of party is only come from the friend. We are the one when we are with friends. The journey started with the calls and meeting each other where we decided to meet. Passing comments and teasing each other on the dress or coming late after all the chit chat we decided to go inside . The fun part here is we all have given the responsibility of the entry to only one person who is most responsible one. When the tables are book. Than the menu is decided. But before that hukka and daru is must with a pack of cigarettes. After all this dance to banta hai. Than everyone knows how to dance even a non dancer. With all the drama we need to go back. But our faces are not that cool that we can able to make a eye contact with our parents. This is true and than what we need is the help of someone.

And this situation we think we have to do a night stay. And all we are staying together and helping each other and sleeping wherever we find space. And next morning we realise what actually happened last night. And trying to remember what we were doing and laughing out loud. This is true we got good and sober friends who actually help us save us and make our life easy and experience there part of party. And the non sober one is experiencing another level of joy in the party . But we all our enjoying. We just need to enjoy it doesn’t matter we are sober or non sobber if you happy than its cool. we can enjoy anywhere. Party is for you to relax and enjoy the moment which are giving you joy and happiness. So life should be interesting too. where you can get a experience of lovely people who matters alot in your life. And creating some memorable moments with them make you feel overwhelming and nice. You should love every bit of life as this is mixer of both sweet and sour. And every element plays an important role. So love your life as it is very precious.