What is love ?

Love can be expressed in different forms and our love for each and every person is different. As we our different personalities and our bond with others do not depends on the physical attraction or physical relationship. It’s all depends on happiness and joy we get from the person. This is not just about only being with them but lot more than that we just need them around. Give us their time and support which we need. The love they feel for us. Giving them that space and trusting each other.

Our family and friends are very much important for us. And without them we cannot imagined our life. So making them realise the importance of them in your life. You should know that how they are special for you. Than only you can make them realise what you feel for them. I know this is tough task to express feeling and making people realise how they are important for you. If you cannot express in words than try to express through the heart and you will connect with that person more easily and quickly than you take time and try to express in words. There are no boundaries we have to be open and gave chance to your heart to think for sometimes. Always being practical will not make you happy for long periods of time. You have to feel cared and protected in the arms of your love one. Who deserves your time and space.

Love cannot be divided into two people they can be different but the quality and the uniqueness of it is all upon the person you are inside out. Because at last people will love you as a person not for the game, name or Money these things are needed for few days but at last they do not want these things. Everyone wants to be happy and relaxed because they don’t need only fun and excitement. But also need the person in their bad times who will more with you when you are in trouble. Good morning will always there and people will be around. But who will there for you in bad times at last they are the real ones.who will stay with us forever even we are in any situation.