Movie theater are open

Yes know you can watch you favourite movie on theatre with your family and friends. But Still we have to follow some norms like Mask and sanitizer are to be there for your safety. You have maintain a distance between each other. And enjoy the day. We see movie in theaters so that we get a chance to eat popcorn and drink cold drink. Because movie is incomplete without all these things. We get a amazing experience to watch movies on a big screen. As television and phone could not provide that experience even we switch off lights and try to make our home as a theatre. But we fail because we could not able to match the screen which a theatre gave us. With all the effects which we cannot see in our home. The quality is more amazing than any other medium.

Not only this we get a outdoor experience and socialize with people and get a chance to see movie with so many people around us. We get a airconditioner or heaters. Which make us more comfortable to watch the movie. The service boy who bring the things to us. We do not have to left our place and can easily watch our movie and order anything we like. We got a interval between the movie so that we can fresh ourselves. That gap help us to do what we want to do before our movie start because when we watch movie we want to see every element of it. We really experience a happy and joy experience. More than movie we discuss movie. What we will happen next and if we know than we want to reveal the suspense.

I personally enjoy movie on theatre because all our expression can be noted when we watching the movie. And others can enjoyed it and make fun. Some are feeling bored so they disturb other. Or they move their chair or move their body and see others and enjoy. Few just chat on mobile with others. Some are recording the movie. And putting story is must and make other jealous or make others excited to watch the movie in theaters. Some can feel sad also because they don’t get a chance to watch on theatre. But they must have seen on their phones or television. The craze of movie has been less because of webseries. But still we miss the big screen which actually stick us till the end of the movie. We have made us edict to phones but few things we only love to watch on theatres. So book your tickets know and enjoy your movie. At first day first show. The craze of seeing movie on same day is more fun and exciting.