Mental health is Still avoided.

I have seen that people are talking about mental health but not following the same. We have to take steps as it is high time to Stop people. From the things which are making them disturb or depressed. I don’t know why people don’t talk about all these things. If they try to talk. why others do not want to understand them. Your small efforts can make their life better. Things could be solved but we don’t want to do it. We just want to focus on society and how they are approaching us. But in that case. We forget what a child wants. We cannot ignore such things. Understand and try to talk about all the things which you feel that they are comfortable to share and make them come out of all this before it is too late.

I have seen a news were a 16 year old boy has suicide. Just because of the mental stress caused by people as their thinking is so backward that the child has to take a major step like this. Please be mature and sensible know the LGBTQ is legal know also you are not accepting them. How can you be so harsh on people just because their preferences don’t match. Why can’t you motivate them and be the reason of their smile. And you can also make them strong and independent. so that they can easily fight for themselves. Everyone has the right to live their life as they want to live. Other do not have right to interfere even though you like or don’t like the same.

But I feel we have that quality that we can accept others as they are. We have also gone through much similar things previously. Your small efforts really matters if you really do something for others. If they don’t know your value still you will be happy because your soul will definitely be happy. I think we should gave chance to our goodness and always appreciated others talent as they are equally same as you are. Who has some different qualities in them. I have seen many people who always gave me motivation and there are people who demotivated and said very bad about me. But today the fact is that I have come a long way and accept the things around me. And gave myself time to live as I want to live. Because all we need is we as worriers. Who can fight from any situation.