Holi is celebrated many days before the date

I thought we celebrate Holi day before or on l the day it celebrated usually but it is celebrated many days before the date. And kids enjoyed it. As they gets the pleasure in throwing balloons this make others irritating and the kids feel joy. I have gone through this many a times. When I was going out. I have seen that’s kids take a balloon and target the person crossing by them. At if insist that please don’t throw they firstly convince but when they a chance they do the same. So it is very much dangerous to cross your path in Holi times

This not only ended here. There are kids who actually good at throwing balloons that they put a great shot on others. Even in the moving vehicle and this gave us water effect without rain. I like Holi but with my family and friends. Because celebration the festival with our Love ones make the occasion more happy and joyful. Rikshawalas are not spared on the occasion of Holi. I remember one incident when I was traveling through E- Rikshaw than someone throw a balloon on us and we were all splash with water. And all our clothes and face got wet due to water. Even dikhwa was also pouring droplets with the rest of the water left. That moments I realise I am not safe in two wheelers also.

Happy holi in advance I hope you enjoyed your day with water and colour but do not harm animal or people who are not liking it. Understand their feelings. And you have to spread happiness with other not spoil mood of yours as well as others. So be safe be happy and enjoy every bit as this type of chances comes after a year of time of make Holi memorable and joyful.