FM Radio

The value of FM radio is Still in the form because many people source of information is only radio. The medium is very strong and reliable. The accuracy is good enough for listeners. I love to listen radio. Because it has every type of elements which a medium should have and we often see entertainment, education , information, interaction, content etc. These are comercial and Still people hear because they impact viewer on a large scale.And all the audience are well educated and sensible. Radio are not just for uneducated or poor or old people. They are for everyone kids to youth everyone love to be a part of the Radio.

People make their own thinking on radio but radio is a great medium for youth. To reach out and express ourselves. Many people are connected to the media. And not only me and you who can put their own voice. We have actually got people who never heard or not interested in the radio. But mostly people prefer to listen commercial channel in the outdoor when they do not have internet connection. They rely on radio for their entertainment. And really you feel relax and happy with the little input you get from that medium. Than you actually realise it’s importance. I know the range can be limited but you can find most of the time radio get the access and specially without any thing other than your phone. Even in the car you play radio. So you can see radio is very powerful. Many people today also go for shows so that their voice can be heard by people. That the impact it has on people.

I personally believe radio has great scope than print and television. Because they are mostly boring and same type. But radio can be both boring and interesting at the same time. You will also feel when you listen to radio. Your feelings will automatically connect with the way radio is playing. Music is also a part to relax you. And take you to a melodious ride. And you can get very great vibes. Today people love to hear vibes which they get from the others. Like a connection builder and I too get that Vibes in radio too. Sometimes it felts like a friend. And it has all solutions of my problem and we can connect easily with it. And people really get a good space to say anything which can connect people more with it. Their are no bondation for people when they connect to people they are free to express themselves.