All men’s are not wrong ?

Don’t portray each and every man in the category of a culprit as they all the not same. I have seen many man who help and care the woman who do not distinguish between the man and woman motivate them. And also stood by their side. And understand their discomfort and gave them the way. I have seen many men’s who don’t attach by physical appearance but they see the beauty of the person. The inner nature of the person cannot fade and people love them even you think they preferred outer. Because it all in our mind if you feel they think like that they automatically think that but if you see others way you realise that you were wrong.

Two sides and two preference is normal but what we want to see is all in our hands. So try to focus on you rather than other. Because you cannot change people around you. But you can change yourself. Not in a bad way but in a good way. Improving yourself is not wrong even it helps you to grow up and higher than you becoming something which you don’t want. your mistakes make you stronger and gave strength to build a great future. Similarly relationship are also same they are also depends on your level of understanding only that how you see everything around you and learn from your previous all mistakes which you have done. By blaming people rather than changing yourself a bit to see the brighter side of the person.

What you see and feel you will get the same.It is true to be confident and see beauty around you be it nature or people you will definitely find the positive side. And than everyone will look very natural and pure soul. But it doesn’t mean that you blindly trust everyone. Just don’t stick to only negative. Analyse both the way and than see the situation. You will get to know that man are more understanding and trust worthy person you can ever get be it your brother, friends or partner even a stranger. They all will care for you and love the way you are and help you out with the things. Where you are facing any trouble. So everything around you is all depends on you.