What’s the need of buying Twitch followers and views?

Who doesn’t like to play games? Nowadays, everybody plays online video games and If you play, you must have heard about twitch, or maybe you are a streamer or gamer on Twitch. It’s a free online gaming platform for all. It provides live streaming services, eSports broadcast, music broadcast, and much other entertainment-related stuff. Twitch is an American company founded by Justin Kin in 2011 and later in 2014 acquired by Amazon for $970 million. After that acquisition, it became famous amongst teenagers to aged people. On average, 15 million views come on Twitch daily and there are approx 8.5k channels. And you know the “Just chatting” category is dominating over Twitch where, users stream anything related to music, dancing, cooking anything that that hat means anything so it’s a little bit dangerous for children because people can do anything for popularity and a lot of trolls, irrelevant comments, etc. Like YouTube, Facebook, and several other apps it’s also earning money only by advertising, subscriptions, and bits, it’s a currency by Twitch. Buyers buy bits to support and to cheer up their favorite streamer, games, and eSports player.
Views and followers play a very crucial role in the growth of any channel not only over Twitch but also every social media platform whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Most of the gamers, streamers, YouTubers buy views, and followers.
So, what’s the need to buy views and followers?
Buying views and followers it’s not a new concept it’s quite old and common it’s called botting. Research propound that million of users buying views and followers regularly.
More the views more the followers and businesses and companies choose you to promote their products and you get paid. More advertisements more popularity, more money.
More views and followers create your brand image.
It will enlarge your profit through subscription and advertisement.
Get you up in the search results in all the Categorises.
You will have a large fan base.
The popularity of Twitch increasing day by day therefore, competition is high.
But there are lots of other ways to increase views and followers on Twitch buying is not the only option other too. For instance, using social media, streaming a lot, watching other popular streamers networking, connecting with others. Most of the well-known and famous streamers suggest earning views by effort instead add of buying. And still, you are buying views and followers it should be real, not fake.

Now the most important question is that, Does buying views and followers violate the terms and conditions of Twitch?
While buying views and followers make sure you buy real views and followers, each follower’s account should be authentic and active. This type of engagement doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of Twitch. But if your views and followers are artificially created or duplicated it called views botting and follower botting and it does violate the terms and conditions of Twitch and for this high chance of getting banned. So for the growth of your channels, you can buy views and followers but make sure it should be real.