Why career mentorship is very important for the students to start at the age of 13 ?

Why career mentorship is very important for students to start at the age of 13?

Do you have a mentor, a career mentor in your life?
If not, don’t you think it’s late. Well not really nothing is too late when you are alive. When I passed 12th was fully confused regarding my career and future, I was thinking about what should I do next for building my career. At that time, I didn’t have any mentor but now have found my mentor.
What’s the role of a mentor and the importance of mentorship at the age of 13?

A mentor is a person who identifies your strength, weakness, talents recognize your ability. A good mentor inspires you to learn, to work towards your goals, and make sure you achieve success. A good mentor teaches you the art of thinking, enhances your thought process like the Chanakya did, and makes Chandragupta Maurya ” Great Samraat ” and helps in making Mauryan Empire.
Chanakya was the best mentor of all time. And mentorship is a relationship between a mentor and his mentee. It’s a process in which the mentor first identifies the strength, ability of his mentee finds out in which he is good, and at what he is lacking, and then gives advice and suggestions and reflects the mentee’s strength and capacity.
Most of the students face difficulty and problems in choosing a career, they don’t know what would be the best career options amongst all and in what subject they can do well.
Students don’t have self-knowledge that students need to explore themselves and a mentor could help him/them in that.
Career mentorship should start at the age of 13 because the study shows
Children aged from 12 to 18 (adolescence) start thinking.
They can do abstract and complex thinking they start raising questions on important issues. And they can think about the consequences of their action.
So we can start mentoring them about their career and help them to explore their strength and weakness.
Career, not a particular job or work we do, it’s a long-term process and journey, where you work, learn, improve your skills and get experience.
There is a beautiful quote about a  career.
” it’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.”
So, to find out your passion for choosing the best career options and achieve success in life career mentorship is required at a very young age.