Pause and Feel!

Are you feeling sad? Don’t worry, everyone feels the same way. So stop whimpering and move ahead.
Why are you so excited? Don’t get so excited otherwise, something wrong will happen.
Blah blah blah……..
Ok! So this may sound practically correct. But in my opinion, it’s not. Just cry as much as you want to. Feel that sadness, never let that sadness kill you from inside. I know that crying has never been acknowledged. We have been programmed to think like that since childhood. It’s not just sadness, pain that you should feel, but also happiness, excitement, and every other kind of feeling. I often hear these statements, don’t be overexcited, don’t cry so much, don’t be so emotional, etc. I still remember how I used to curb my feelings and many of you will be doing the same.

But yes there will be some people now who will argue. They will say that if you don’t control your feelings, your feelings are going to control you. All I want to say is feel that feeling till it dissipates. Allow yourself to feel whatever you want to irrespective of what others will think of you. You accomplished something, maybe a small achievement according to this pseudo world, but it may be great attainment according to you. So, if you are happy or excited about it just feel that never curb it thinking about what will people think of you. I know it’s difficult to do this for most of us because we have been programmed to this but just try it once. Forget this world and feel. Just feel.


  1. We are never taught to feel. Now, some will argue and ask that is this a skill that has to be taught. Yes, it is a skill that has to be taught because we have been always taught to ignore our feelings. We try to hide our feelings as much as possible.
  2. You are afraid
    Think deeply and ask why I hide my feelings. The answer you might get is that you find it embarrassing to express your feelings. You hide them thinking about what will others think of you if you express your feelings openly.
  3. People don’t care
    Ok, so everyone is so busy in their lives that most of them don’t care about others’ feelings. Either most of you think that people care a lot or they don’t care.


  • YOU UNDERSTAND YOURSELF BETTER. You get to know yourself better. When you embrace your feelings you get connected with your inner self. You will come to know what thing is disturbing and what gives you happiness.
  • You will feel relaxed
    Yes, when we express any kind of emotion, we feel relaxed after that. Our mind feels calm.
  • You will care less about this world
    When you truly feel your feelings, you will feel less burden. I know it’s easy to say this but this is the reality, and if I tell you from my experience, yes, I am a person who cares what will others think of me, but the thing that I comprehended lately is when we don’t care that others will judge us, people don’t judge us, they are not so free, when you carry yourself, (or the insecurities which you think that are your insecurities but in reality they are aren’t, these are just illusions that you’ve created in your mind) with confidence, people don’t judge you, at least you care a lot less then.
  • We must remember that we are born as individuals and die also individually. We are the owners, board of directors, and employees of our feelings. This company named “ FEELINGS” belongs to us, no one has the right to shut it down. Any kind of feeling is a part of the human experience. Just welcome your feelings. Feel your feelings, express them, you can write a journal, talk to a person whom you think will never break your trust, let that frustration, anger, happiness come out. Just remember that people are always going to judge. No, every time we can’t think like that, as when someone says something to us, we will think about it, so yes think about it but don’t let that disturb your inner peace. Remember: Your feelings are the assets that have been gifted to you, so make proper use of them, and acknowledge them. [P.S: Just do whatever you want to. But please do it. You will feel happier. Your inner voice will thank you for listening to it. ( If I tell you about myself when I started blogging, initially I was so afraid that what people are going to think about me, and even I thought not to share it on social media thinking about the people, but honestly, I started it for the sake of my mental health, I feel peace, I don’t even know the reason why do I feel so calm after blogging.) Ok, when you cry out with all your heart, laugh as much as your heart desires, how do you feel? Probably calm, relaxed and light.]


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