Why didn’t Tata coffee grand gain popularity

One of the major reason that Tata coffee grand didn’t gain popularity compared to Nescafe and Bru is because of its Advertisement strategy, it wasn’t able to attract customers towards it. And already Nescafe has captured the whole markeits difficult for the brand to gain customers towards it. Proper ad campaigns should have been taken. Just how Nescafe has taken. When we read the reviews of Tata grand they say that the it taste’s bitter.

The brand, that targets the audience between the age group of 20-45 years, has recently introduced the campaign to build awareness on the brand, convey its distinctive product story. The larger aim is to add few more category codes that promises great Coffee taste and experience through very simple sensory check consumers can do at a retail store or home. The thought was to build upon the unique sound made when a pack of Tata Coffee Grand is shaken,” says Puneet Das, SVP, Marketing – Beverages, TATA Consumer Products.

Through this campaign, the brand aims to create a new language for coffee – Shik-Shik-Shik  – that evokes emotions and excitement amongst consumers. The campaign synonymises the word ‘Coffee’ with the sound i.e. Shik-Shik-Shik – which represents the sound that is heard when the coffee jar or pack is shaken. Tata Consumer Products has a large and robust distribution with many outlets pan India. The brand plans to leverage the company’s distribution strength to make the product available to consumer, with a sharper focus in South.