Review on ‘its okay to be not okay’

This drama is very different from your typical kdrama. It addresses the sensitive topic of mental health and it has me completely hooked after watching only the first few episodes. The actors have great chemistry; their charisma is insane. I really enjoyed the animations that were incorporated into the film. I highly recommend everyone to try experiencing this great drama for themselves because it will surely not disappoint.

So many things about this series are exceptionally good. The journey of healing and learning of each of the characters from the main leads to the various patients is very moving. Admirably tasteful way to deal with mental and emotional issues on screen. The central love story is so involving because their pain feels profound. The incomparable Seo Ye Ji as writer Ko Moon-young is unforgettable – strong and vulnerable, finally a real step forward for K drama heroines. Enjoy each sentence she utters in her signature low voice. She has some memorable and often hilarious dialogue.

A far cry from the Cinderella type heroines of early melodramas. And her outfits are stunning – perfectly suited to her tiny waist. Kim Soo-hyun is well cast as caregiver Moon Gang-tae. He isn’t a larger than life hero but instead a man with pain and burdens. He looks more mature here. The pairing of the two leads is right. Much better than The King Eternal Monarch where there was little chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. Oh Jung-se gives a likable convincing performance as autistic Moon Sang-tae, In less capable hands the character could have been annoying or tiresome but he made the brotherly relationship very touching. The production values are very high.

From the well integrated animation of the stories to the quirky Tim Burton style house, it all has a high quality feature film standard feel to it. To cap it all off the ending is a good and satisfying one. For all those who have been disappointed by unsatisfying endings in K dramas this one helps to makes up for some of them. A must watch.