The idea of Sologamy

The practice of sologamy, or marrying oneself to oneself, is unusual but not unknown . Sologamy, also known as autogamy, is the union of one person with oneself. The practice’s proponents contend that it makes people happy and confirms their own worth. Sologamy is also known as self-marriage; however, this phrase may also refer to a self-uniting wedding, which is a union that takes place without the need for a facilitator.

It was Linda Baker, the first person to marry herself in 1993, who was the originator of sologamy. The NBA player Dennis Rodman married himself in 1996, which was the following wedding.

But is it legal in India?

Many nations, including India, do not permit “sologamy.” According to experts, Indian law prohibits self-marriage. Marriage requires two people to be present. It’s illegal to be single.” “The phrase “any of the spouse” is used in the Hindu Marriage Act, which just indicates that two people are required to consummate a marriage.

However, to benefit from serious reflection, live by your values, honor yourself, and dedicate yourself to self-love to receive benefits in your romantic life and far beyond, a self-marriage ceremony is advantageous.