India and Cyberbully.

Cyberbullying is a crime when it is carried out with the purpose of harassing or abusing somebody persistently. Cyberbullying typically targets individuals that are unable to effectively protect themself. Cyberbullying may take many different forms, such as posting someone else’s private information or images online, sending them lewd or sexual messages, stalking them, or even stealing their accounts. Cyberbullying may happen on a variety of platforms, including social media , text messages, e-mail, and instant messaging applications.

India is ranked third for cyberbullying offenses, and that’s no longer startling given the growing user base, the majority of which are bogus accounts. These are just a few of the primary forms of cyberbullying that Indians experience, and of those, half of the victims choose to not report or register a complaint because they believe the accused would harass them even more if they do. Additionally, cyberbullying may become nasty and become someone’s worst nightmare.

Furthermore, there are several acts and laws which are established against cyber bully in India