Sustainable Development

One fact which no person or group can not deny is that resources are limited on this planet. All these resources have got unlimited uses.

In simple words resources are scars.

So it has to be used to satisfy the unlimited wants and desires of human beings. There is an utmost need to divide the system so Earth resources can grow in the best possible way for using present resources. Humans need a system that ensures the usage of resources without depletion.

Certain strategies like

The balance between conservation and development- Development should not be at the cost of the environment we should have a mutual Outlook for both.

Satisfaction of basic human needs-Sources unlimited but wants are unlimited people have Max with them for newborns but not for the greed Mahatma Gandhi

Social justice-Sources should be allocated not according to the financial status of a country but according to the needs and requirements of each nation.

Maintenance of ecological integrity-Human intervention should be sustained so the ecosystem can maintain itself naturally

.These things can play important role in the development of a system, certainly, if human beings get success in building such a system this will get sustainable development.

Sustainable Development refers to development that meets the requirements of the present generation without compromising the ability to fulfill the requirements of the future generations.

Principles of the development Optimum utilization of natural resources-There are 195 countries in the world and resources are unevenly divided between them. So the use of resources to their full is important.

Effective water management 70% of the earth is covered with water but only 2.5% of water is fresh. That is the reason why world Bank estimate 21% of disease in India are linked to unsafe water.

Intergenerational equity -There is a generation to come in the future which serves a share in the offerings of mother earth. So there should be a just between them.

Holistic Approach-It means it takes different objects as a whole, not in isolation.

Sadly this Subject of sustainable development have several issues like in India there are some key issues to reach to a state of a full sustain economy Few such issues are:-

Climate change

Week laws

Globalization limitations

Human Greed


Lack of knowledge

Acid rainEtc.


nutshell sustainable development is certainly not an easy goal to achieve.It’s a long process that can be fulfilled if we as a society give more importance to the user than to meet self-greed. The world can be better placed if most intelligent species i.e humans take charge and work together in its direction.So basic principle to be learned is the usage of resources should be strictly for the betterment of all life on earth and for generations to come.


Assam Mizoram Conflict

India is the tenth-largest country by land. Carved out of 565 princely states & 17 provinces at the time of Independence, which were just 14 states and 6 union territories.

With time number of states has grown to 28 states and 8 Union territories.All the states have some issues in between one such issue which raised the eyebrows is the ‘conflict between Assam & Mizoram’.

Carved out of Assam in 1972 as a union territory, Mizoram gained its complete statehood in 1987.The states have a dispute over a border of 164.6 km

Mizoram stands by an 1875 notification, which came from ‘The Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873’.

Whereas, Assam claims the land as per ‘1933 notification by the state government that demarcates Lushai Hills’.

During Colonial time Lushai was known as Mizoram.

These borders change with natural obstacles like rivers, forests, etc. Often people living on one side of the land cross it as they are unaware of the border demarcation.

Other Land Disputes in Indian states-

• BelagaviDispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra.

• Assam & Nagaland dispute.

• Gujarat & Rajasthan dispute over Mangadh Hill.

• Himachal dispute with Haryana over Parwanoo region.

• Himachal dispute with Ladakh over claim on Sarchu.


On 2 August 2021, a digital payment solution was launched by the honorable prime minister of India. 

E RUPI is a cashless and contactless payment method. Through it, the government is trying to bring an e-voucher system.

Under it, a QR code or message will be delivered to the mobile of the beneficiary. Through it, vouchers can be redeemed without a card, digital payment app, or net banking.

Developed by the National Payments Collaboration of India(NPCI) in partnership with the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare & National Health Authority.

It works as a connection between a sponsor service and the targeted audience without involving any physical interface. Being pre-paid in nature will ensure timely payments in the process.

To be used as delivering service under welfare schemes by the government. It can also be used by the private sector companies for employees’ welfare schemes and corporate social responsibility.It can be a game-changer in the future.

New Gold Regulations

Gold is not just an asset in India it holds significance in our culture. Being the symbol of the Goddess Lakshmi and considered to be auspicious.

It is part of several cultural and social events of Indian society. Not just bought on special occasions or passed down from several generations, but it also holds the great economical point. Being one of the most trusted investment all over the world even the RBI of India holds 695 tonnes of gold within it as a reserve.The government of India had mandatory hallmarking for gold in 256 districts and plan to implement it all over India in the future.

What is a Hallmark?

It is series of marks made on the metal to clarify the content of the noble metals like gold, silver, etc.In other words,s it lends credibility to the purity of gold. The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), in India, is the accreditation agency that certifies and Hallmark gold jewelry and other precious metals.

Other key terms related to gold-

Carat– It indicates the percentage of purity of the metal. Eg 24 carat means gold contains 100 pct gold. But to lend it some strength metal is mixed. Hence gold is about 18 -22 K only.

Stamp of BIS and year of the mark-It is a triangle mark assure of purity with the year of hallmarking of jewelry.

Jewelry Identification mark-BSI mark also carries jewellery stamps to Indicate that jewelry is certified. Its certification is cheap at Rs 2 per gram of gold.

Currently, this regulation is only imposed on jewelers having a turnover of above 40 Lakh only.

Kerala Move against Dowry

Societies have a long history of male domination, which can be witnessed from ancient rituals and customs.

Men are traditionally bread earners whereas their counterparts females are homemakers.With time few things have changed but the major picture remains quite constant.

Dowry is an unethical practice in our society, hidden behind the name of gifts or blessings by elders. 

Many strategies and steps are taken by the government, but still, it’s prevalent. A new development took place in the string of events as now Kerala government directs employees to give affidavits that no dowry is taken by them.

This circular was issued by the Department of Women & Child Development.Under its new rules, all-male married employees are directed to submit a declaration stating that no dowry is taken from the bride’s family.

It comes after several cases of deaths due to dowry-related crimes reported in the state.

The declaration is to be submitted to the concerned department within 30 days of marriage, signed by the employee’s wife and inlaws. In case of a fake affidavit, legal action will be taken against the official.

Moreover giving or taking of the dowry will be punished by the imprisonment of a term not less than 5 years and a fine of Rs 15,000.

First Olympic Gold Medal for Bermuda

Olympics is a leading international sports event held every four years. With more than 200 participant nations.

Each year hundreds of athletes from all over the world gather at the host country and rival each other for first place in different events. This year Bermuda,  a British island territory in North Atlantic which first participated in the games in the year 1936. Witnessed a major development as Flora Duffy wins first-ever gold for the country in triathlon.

Who is Flora Duffy?Duffy, a 33-year-old female athlete who was diagnosed with anemia in 2013. But still, she managed to bounce back. She is also a two-time former world triathlon series champion.

What is Triathlon?Triathlon is a grueling race made up of a one-mile open water swim, 25 miles of biking, and a run of 4.6 miles.

The 33-year-old finished with a time of 1hour55:36 minutes. Her opponent, Georgia Taylor-Brown ended in second place took a minute more than her. Third place was secured by the Katie Zaferes of the United States.

Stock Market

Money plays a crucial role in our lives. Every person has a desire to be rich for which people search different paths. One such path is the stock market.A stock market is a place where buying and selling of ownership of a company take place. These units of ownership are termed shares, which collectively are known as stocks.

Many regard it as a Gamble & state it’s an easy fortune for some, for others, it is a  road to doom.
There is some element of risk in this investment but majorly success depends on the person and their analysis of the stocks.

Some key things to consider while buying a share:-

• Face value(FV) of the share– Dividend is paid on the face value of the share.For example, if a share is traded for Rs 1000 with a face value of Rs 2. 100% dividend it would mean a sum of Rs 20 is paid.

•Past performance of the company- A company with a good performance record. Have a growth potential and the chances of price rise are more.
• Any major Change in government policy -Change may have an impact on the business environment. For instance, a policy that bars or regulates new competitors from entry will be a good indicator for the existing players.• ROI– ROI or Return on Investment tries to measure the amount of return a particular investment, relative to the investment’s costs.

Risk Profile

Risk Profiling refers to the evaluation of an individual ability to take risks. It assists in making the risk profile of the investor.

As psyche of every person differs from others. 

People can be classified as:-

Risk-Averse -Don’t want to take up the risk.

Risk seeker– Is one who is willing to accept greater financial risk in exchange for more profits.

Risk Neutral- These people are neither risk seekers nor averse.

Due to it, new investors can plan their investments by knowing where they stand and what is right for them Mutual Funds, Shares, or Crypto.

Some other benefits –

•It helps in taking the right risk as per requirements and capacity.

•Bring the right investment opportunities to light, so a balance of risk and reward can be achieved.

•Help to identify psychological reactions to unexpected fluctuation in the market.

•Plan for the worst-case scenario.
Know your risk Diet

RCN To Be Delisted

Ripio credit network commonly known as RCN is a digital currency that aims to build an “open global credit network that connects lenders and borrowers on the Ethereum blockchain to create frictionless, transparent and borderless debt markets.”

Once the coin which enjoyed a market cap of nine million dollars is now facing the misfortune of being delisted from crypto exchanges.
Firstly Binance the giant crypto exchange barred RCN from trading from 16 July 2021.And now, CoinSwitch Kubar one of India’s exchange latched RCN trade.

What happens when crypto is delisted?When a digital currency is delisted it simply means that buying and selling of the particular coin will not take place on the platform from a given date.In such a scenario person is stuck with that currency as he/ she won’t have any alternative except keeping coins in the wallet or selling it before due date.

Digital Economy

The Digital Economy refers to economic transactions that occur on the Internet. Economic transaction simply means the transfer of goods and services money.

Over time due to the continuous evolution of technology life has become smoother. 
The benefits of the digital economy are there for everyone to catch a glimpse of namely-

Increase in online businesses

Higher transparency

Easy availability of services

But it’s only one side of the coin. While the advantages of the digital economy are remarkable, it is also responsible for creating some inequalities in society as well.

Increased cybercrimes

Lack of security

The solution to the issue of inequalities in the digital economy lies in the hands of the establishment and the users of the technology. The government must form effective strategies in regards to educating the public & handling grievances through strings laws. Plus people should know their responsibilities and avert from taking advantage of the less informed.