In this blog, I am going to take you to the middle of the sea. Wondering where? The island which is very famous because of our freedom fighters where they had to spend years behind the bars. Yes, you are guessing right, I am talking about Andaman and Nicobar Island. This place is heaven on the earth if you haven’t visited yet after reading this blog about Andaman and Nicobar Island, I am sure that you all will be going to book your tickets now! So, let’s start our online trip to Andaman and Nicobar.

I am going to talk about the places where I had visited in Andaman and Nicobar.

  1. Havelock
  2. Neil island
  3. Cellular Jail
  4. Ross Island

Havelock is the spotlight of the Andaman and Nicobar tourism, it is very famous for the beaches and greenery, in short, it is the feast for the eyes. Clyster clear water, white sand will definitely soothe your eyes. In 2018 our prime minister Narendra Modi has changed the name of havelock to swaraj deep. Yes I know you all want to know how to reach there, you have to book ferries and it will take 90 min to reach there. Places to visit in havelock are:


Radha Nagar beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Andaman and Nicobar and  the best beach in Asian  described by the Time magazine. sky blue sea with crystal clear water and white sand where you and enjoy your day you can play in the water you can swim in the water you can also take sun-bath there. There are large numbers of huts, benches and wooden chairs where you can sit and relax there and can enjoy the beauty of nature.

They also provide you with changing rooms where you can change you wet cloths.


Don’t judge this place by its name, you might be thinking that there must be many elephants but it is not like that. Elephant beach is very famous for water sports, it gives you numerous water activities. Let’s discuss in more details about water sports.


In scuba diving, you are taken under-water where you can see the breath-taking view of aquatic life. You can see untouched coral reefs, vibrant fishes, under-water vegetation and under-water ecosystem.


Snorkelling is little bit same as scuba diving but it doesn’t allow you to go deep inside the water, you can only go to the surface of the water and can see through your goggles, and also can swim.


Yes, you heard right you can walk under the sea, sea walking is most unique and very adventurous. Diving and swimming are okay but have you ever imagined walking under the sea. Once you reached the bottom of the sea you will see that you will get surrounded by hoards of fishes you can actually feed them, isn’t it really exciting?

It is another island full of beaches, this island is for those who want to be far from noise, disturbance as you can find a smaller number of vehicles, market and less population. Here also you can find water sports activities like jet skiing and a glass bottom boat ride. Let me make you more clear about these water sports.


Jet skiing is one of the most enjoyable water sports activity as it can be enjoyed by anyone and it is available at Bharatpur Beach in Neil. It will give you a unique feeling that you are riding a bike on water. Timing for this activity is from 9AM to 4PM. I personally advise you to book jet ski as it is always available and t is cheaper than other water sports activities.


this activity is appropriate for those who don’t want to get wet or doesn’t want to go into the water. By the name itself, it is clear that you will be travelling on a boat which will have a see-through glass from which you can see the underwater life, you can see fishes, corals and many more.

Cellular jail is one of the most historic monuments in Andaman and Nicobar, also known as kaala Pani, it will definitely give you goosebumps while exploring the jail. Every wall of the jail will tell you the story of our soldiers. There you will see how much sacrifice has been done by our freedom fighters. Britishers used to send the soldiers in this whenever they try to protest against them. You can visit the jail at 9AM to 12:30PM and 1:00PM to 5PM (except on Mondays and on national holiday)

Cellular jail will provide you light and sound show, in this you will get narrated the whole story of how freedom fighters lived there how they survived there and how has been treated there. It is a must-watch show. The show is in both Hindi language and in the English language. You can enjoy this show at 6PM    (Hindi) and 7:15PM (English).

The one who is a nature lover, Ross island is a perfect place to visit. There you are surrounded by nature. There you can see animals and the best part is that they are not caged they will roam here and there. You will see rabbits, deer, peacocks roaming here and there and you can experience the beauty of the nature. You can sit there for hours in cool breeze and can also enjoy the beach view. In 2018 our Prime Minister Narender Modi has changed the name of Ross Island to Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bose island.


Next question you all will get that how one can reach there?

You can get a boat from phoenix bay jetty and it will help you to reach in 15 mins, the people over there will provide you with a life jacket also or else you can choose a helicopter tour. 

Yes, this is the short and adventurous trip of mine to Andaman and Nicobar, I am sure that after reading this you will definitely plan your future trip to Andaman and Nicobar. I personally suggest you to visit Andaman and Nicobar during summer months. 



It has been more than one and half year since the COVID-19 pandemic made the way for the great core of human progress and made us to understand the power of mother nature. To understand impact of the second wave on Indian economy, let’s remember the first wave and also its impact on the Indian economy. The first wave of covid-19 gave us the phrase where the nation went into lockdown for a long period with the less numbers of peak cases. But the lockdown continued. After reporting the very  first case in late January 2020 in the state of Kerala, India introduced rigorous effect of coronavirus (COVID-19). The following weeks saw a quick progression of covid leading to a suspension of all travel in and out of the country by March 22 that year. While infections proceed to increase during this period, We were now quarantined  to our homes to lower the spread of the virus. Economists slit the GDP rates for the anticipatable future due to the crystal clear impact of the lockdown. Unsurprisingly, the most touched industries i.e. services and manufacturing, precisely travel & tourism, financial services, with sinking rates of up to 23% between April and June 2020. In the direction of the end of 2020, however, India saw some appearance of healing of certain sectors. The pandemic came with inconstancy and hint on all aspects of business across the world.  For small businesses, however, it depended on how long they could ride out the storm. And this pandemic changed scenario and the daily lifestyles drastically. Economic activity began to take a hit again in March 2021, and it resulted the country to face the second wave of the pandemic. On May 31, Government of India announced the facts for GDP for the financial year 2020-21, GDP shrink by 7.3%. It can be considered as the most severe contraction from the time of independence till now. As the outcome, GDP forecasts were envisioned to fall, lays losses at over 38 billion U.S. dollars if lockdown resume till June 2021.



Manufacturing was the sector which underwent through the first as well as the second wave. To lower down the spread of coronavirus, many manufacturing sectors went for working at lesser capacity or made them to shut down completely. Manufacturing sector with non-essential facilities was also tremble for long time and with more strict restrictions. The fear of the continuing of the lockdown made migration back to their villages.


Strict rules and long period of lockdown has been seen in many rural parts of the nation. The Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Mandis seen to be closed for all the functions or have taken steps according to their situation. Specially, Mandis in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra were seen to be closed during peak of harvesting.


From the last 20 years services sector has been the backbone of the Indian economy contributing to more than half of the GDP. The first wave of covid-19 made a straight line required for an organization to development of infrastructure and processes for remote working. For the employees, first lockdown made them to work within the four wall which took time for them to get to work from home and be productive. But the second wave disturbed this pattern again.