Definition of Online Shopping:

Electronic commerce, sometimes known as e-commerce, is fundamentally the act of purchasing and selling products and services via the internet when consumers purchase online. Nonetheless, the phrase is frequently used to refer to all of a seller’s online efforts to offer goods to customers directly.

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Who was invented online shopping?

Michael Aldrich, an English businessman, invented online shopping in 1979. His technique utilised a domestic telephone line to connect a real-time transaction processing computer to a modified domestic TV.

Who started online shopping in India?

When planning: Get to know the man who launched India’s first online store in the 1990s. In 1999, K Vaitheeswaran launched, which was India’s first e-commerce site. There was Fabmart before there was Flipkart, Myntra, and Snapdeal. K. Vaitheeswaran predated the Bansals.

History of Online shopping:

Either NetMarket or Internet Shopping Network conducted the first secure online retail transaction in 1994. Right after, in 1995, eBay and both established their online retail platforms. Taobao and Tmall, two websites owned by Alibaba, were introduced in 2003 and 2008, respectively.

Features of Online Shopping:

There are 7 key features of online shopping.

they are:

1.A mobile website option.

2.Free are affordable delivery alternatives.

3.Improved navigation and search possibilities.

4.Excellent image selections and images.

5.A through product description.

6.product reviews from customers.

7.A quick check out option for Guests.

A list of websites for Online shopping in India:


2.Flip cart


4. Ajio

5.Snap deal






these are commonly used websites for online shopping.


Amazon has had a big impact on the internet business scene. It provides a huge selection of goods. They offer a range of things, including furniture, electronics, appliances, clothing, toys, and sportswear. They provide a Prime membership that offers a variety of advantages like free shipping and faster delivery. The “Amazon Great Indian Sale,” which is their biggest annual sales event, is held there. Without a doubt, Amazon is a popular service both in India and around the globe.

2.Flip cart:

Flipkart is an all-in-one destination for all of your daily needs. Their online store sells apparel, appliances, sporting goods, furniture, laptops, and electronics. They provide significant discounts on the bulk of their products and a range of convenient payment options. They have gained phenomenal success as a consequence of their unbelievable daily deals.


Meesho is redefining the way that internet markets function. This Indian market offers a platform for small businesses to promote their products. Anyone can use it as a platform to sign up as a vendor and run a home-based business. It made use of social media platforms to help its merchants connect with customers. It provides goods throughout several different categories. It’s simple to shop on and browse our online store.


Ajio is an online fashion store that launched in 2016. This online store offers the biggest selection of women’s private label apparel. The inventory consists of apparel and accessories from all across the nation, the globe, and India. The online store offers more than 200 domestic and foreign brands of clothing, accessories, jewellery, and footwear.


Snapdeal is another online store that offers a wide range of products at deep discounts, including electronics, mobile phones, clothing for men and women, shoes, and home appliances. You may purchase high-quality goods while still saving money with their daily promotions. Snapdeal offers particular products with free shipping and same-day delivery.


An Indian online eyewear retailer called Lenskart offers a variety of goods to the general public, including contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, and eyeglasses. Robotics are used internally by Lenskart to make and assemble lenses to the highest standards of quality. The leading eyeglasses e-commerce site has an omnichannel strategy and has both an online and rapidly expanding offline presence. Lenskart not only sells eyewear but also accessories, all of which are sent right to your house. Men’s and women’s sunglasses and eyeglasses come in a variety of designs and hues.


Luxury items, beauty products, accessories, and clothing are just a few of the products available on Myntra. Their expansive reach and reputation as a trustworthy online shopping destination have been built through their aggressive advertising and massive sales events. Not to mention how straightforward it is for them to return or exchange items. Myntra is owned by Flipkart, which also offers a rewards programme called Myntra Insider to promote customer interaction. Consumers can show their thanks by exchanging their Insider points for deals and other prizes.


Almost anything is now feasible to perform online thanks to the development of the internet, including pharmaceutical delivery to a patient’s door. As a market leader today, Pharmeasy was a pioneer in India’s online e-pharmacy industry. Together with prescription drugs, it also gives consumers access to online testing, virtual doctor visits, and a number of other services. The organisation has faith in its ability to offer top-notch services at a competitive price.


Nykaa has swiftly become India’s top source for beauty products. This online store sells just about anything you can think of. From soaps to luxury cosmetics, there is something for everyone. The business has worked with numerous international brands over the years, launching these products just on their website. It’s a great place to purchase for skincare, toiletries, personal care, and cosmetics because they are all offered at steep prices. They also market products under their own name, including body wash, shampoo, lipsticks, and lotions.


The goal of Pepperfry is to satisfy every customer’s furniture needs. This online store provides everything, including rentals, a wide range of furniture options, and custom items. If you only need the furniture for a short time, it’s a lovely alternative. It is one of India’s more well-known online furniture businesses and offers a wider selection than any other furniture company.

purpose of online shopping:

A web-based programme called Online Shopping was created with online retailers in mind. This application’s key goals are to be user-friendly and interactive. It would facilitate product searching, viewing, and selection.

Importance of online shopping:

Because we are buying items for the people we care about or  shopping with them, shopping makes us happy. Shopping is a means to express affection, which in turn helps you feel good and not simply buy things or calm yourself down. Another approach to show that you care is to go shopping.

Advantages of online shopping:

1.The convenience of shopping at home.

2.Save time and efforts.

3.Wide variety of products are available.

4.Good discounts or low prices are available.

5.Get detailed information about the product.

6.We can compare various models and brands.

7.Saves money.

Disadvantages of online shopping:

1.Delay in delivery.

2.Frauds in online shopping.

3.Online stores do not offer substantial discounts.

4.Absence of product touch and feel while shopping online.

5.Online shopping’s lack of interaction.

6.No experience with shopping.

7.Online shopping is done without careful inspection.