Meaning of Urbanization:

The population transfer from rural to urban regions, the concomitant decline in the number of people living in rural areas, and the methods in which societies adjust to this transition are all referred to as urbanisation.

Causes of Urbanization :



3.Employment opportunities

4.Rural to urban transformation

5.Social benefits



The process of industrialization is when a country or region switches its economic emphasis from industry to agriculture. A crucial element of this change is the use of automated mass production techniques.


Modern marketing institutions and exchange techniques have been formed through the distribution of goods and services and commercial transactions, which has greatly accelerated the development of towns and cities.

3.Employment opportunities:

Because businesses are situated close to other businesses, the labour market, and potential customers, jobs are created in cities. New employment are generated, revenues rise, and productivity rises.

4.Rural to urban transformation:

This shift entails the conglomeration of previously rural populations into cities, with rising city populations and city populations overall.

5.Social benefits:

Urbanization can alleviate poverty and inequality when it is planned for and managed properly since it increases employment opportunities and quality of life, including bettering education and health.


By generating economic prosperity and job possibilities that entice people to cities, industrialization has traditionally resulted in urbanisation or the spread of cities. A region becomes more urbanised as a result of the establishment of manufacturers since there is a strong need for factory workers.

Impact of Urbanization in India:

Urban areas can expand due to migration into urban regions or growth in the human population. Deforestation, habitat loss, and the removal of freshwater from the ecosystem are all frequent effects of urbanisation, which can reduce biodiversity and change the ranges and interactions of various species.

History of Urbanization In India:

Urbanization is the process by which rural settlements develop into cities or urban centres, and consequently, it is the process by which such cities develop and grow. For reasons that experts are still debating, urbanisation began in ancient Mesopotamia around the Uruk Period (4300-3100 BCE). Yet, it is hypothesised that a particularly prosperous and effective town drew the attention of other, less prosperous tribes, which led them to ally themselves with the prosperous settlement.