One of the most crucial things you can do for your health is to exercise regularly. Physical activity can strengthen your bones and muscles, help you maintain a healthy weight, increase your ability to carry out daily tasks, and improve your cognitive health.

Is it good exercise for everyday?

Working exercise every day is great as long as you’re not overdoing it or becoming obsessed with it. Make sure you enjoy it without being too hard on yourself, especially when you’re sick or injured.

Best exercise for health and fitness:







7.Abdominal crunches.

8.Bent over row.


These are commonly used exercises for health and fitness.


The easiest exercise may be walking. Put one foot in front of the other to get started, and you can do it practically anywhere.

There are many wonderful benefits of walking. Your blood pressure will drop, your heart will become stronger, and your bones will become more durable. Also, walking reduces stress, improves sleep quality, and can improve your view on life.


One common physical activity is running. At some point in their lives, about one in five Australians try running .Running is a desirable workout because it is inexpensive to participate in and you may run whenever it is convenient for you.


Swimming is a terrific all-around exercise since it both raises heart rate and lessens impact load on the body. increases cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and endurance. maintains your heart and lungs’ and weight’s wellness.


Squats may aid in weight loss because they burn calories. Moreover, they reduce the possibility of knee and ankle injuries. Your tendons, bones, and ligaments around your leg muscles get stronger as you move. Your knees and ankles are relieved of some weight as a result.

5.Push ups:

Pushups done the old-fashioned way are good for developing upper body strength. They exercise the shoulders, pectorals, and triceps. By contracting (drawing in) the abdominal muscles, when performed with perfect form, they can also strengthen the lower back and core. Pushups are a simple and powerful exercise for increasing your strength.


Place your feet hip-width apart as you stand. Walk forward while bending both knees, lowering yourself until your knees are 90 degrees bent. Onto the lead leg, advance. Lifting your back leg and pushing it forward will cause your back foot to land in a lunge position in front of you as you step through and push off with both of your legs.

7.Abdominal crunches:

The purpose of abdominal crunches is to tone the body’s core muscles. The exercise helps to build up the core muscles, enhance posture, and make the muscles more mobile and flexible.

8.Bent over row:

One of the best exercises for increasing strength and muscular mass is the bent-over barbell row. Compared to other rowing exercises, it enables the lifter to employ more weight. Moreover, it activates the biceps and forearm muscles, strengthening the grip.


By burning calories and causing weight reduction, cycling can assist alter body composition. It can also aid in the development of lower and upper body muscles. Cycling enthusiasts must, however, incorporate strength training if they want to see a significant change in their body form, especially if they want to boost their power for speed over shorter distances.

Benefits for doing exercises:

1.It maintains good for health.

2.Readuce for health related problems.

3.Lose weight for doing exercises.

4.control high blood pressure.

5.Improve your heart rate.

6.Improve your quality of sllep.

7.Maintain muscle strength and balance.

8.protect against chronic diseases.

9.keep your brain fit.

10.Exercise boost up mental health.

so many advantages of doing exercises for your healthy body .