How to build a strong marriage?


Marriages are two partners who agree to live together through legally and are recognized as husband and wife in the society. Marriages are a connection between two soulmates who are destined to be together.

Marriages can be arranged or love marriages. Arranged marriages are where families decide and fix the rishtas between two people where they have to live together forever. Love marriages are where two persons love each other and decide to tie a knot between them i.e get married to live together forever.

How to have a strong marriage?

Love marriages or arranged marriages, for a marriage to be stable it needs constant care and love by both the husband and wife.

A marriage is build on respect, love, trust, understanding and care between two people. For a strong marriage, both the partners need to be supportive to each other. These are the basic elements of a healthy marriage. If any of these elements are absent, the marriage would fail.

Marriages are beautiful but with that comes responsibilities, compromises and adjustments. A husband or a wife has to took over the responsibilities for his family. Any successful marriage is built on compromises and adjustments. I am sure everyone have heard this, ” thoda bahot adjustments karna hi padta hai.”

And to have healthy marriages, adjustments are must. After marriage, life gets changed. Adjustments become a part of life. If adjustments are not there, then it becomes a problem in the marriages making it difficult to live with each other.

Compromises are being done in order to sustain the marriage. No marriage is free from compromises. Compromises has to be made to keep your other partner happy.

Another thing is sacrifice. Sometimes, sacrifices do happen in marriages for the sake of other’s happiness. Your happiness gets sacrificed in front of other’s happiness.

Even, if mistakes happen in marriages. You have to accept it and move on. Forgiveness is the only key for a strong and happy marriage. You may not want to forgive but still you end up forgiving for the sake of your marriage.

“Na chahte hue bhi maaf karna padta hain. Na chahte hue bhi sab bhulna padta hain ek shaadi ko banaye rakhne.”

Marriage is a big time responsibility where every small little thing matters and everything do affects your marriage. A happy and a strong marriage doesn’t mean it should be perfect. Marriages are never perfect. Actually, nothing is perfect in the world. Its always about keeping it real.

Any relationship be it marriages, friendships or lovers, family relationships,etc. every relationship needs constant efforts to build it strong. A strong or a successful marriage doesn’t happen in a single day. It takes years to build the bond in a marriage.

Constant support and efforts for each other makes a relationship or marriages strong and make it ever lasting.

Love or arrange marriage, you have to make it work in order to have a strong marriage. A lot of things needs to be done in order to build a marriage strong.