Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity is concerned with preventing unauthorised access to, damage to, or inaccessibility of computer systems. All information assets, whether they are in hard copy or digital form, are protected by information security, a more general term.

Types of Cyber Security:

1.Critical Infrastructure security.

2.Application security.

3.Network security

4.Cloud security.

5.Internet of Things security

1.Critical infrastructure security:

The protection of systems, networks, and assets whose continuing functioning is judged important to ensure a given nation’s security, its economy, and the health and/or safety of the general population is the subject of critical infrastructure security.

2.Application security:

In order to guard against dangers like illegal access and alteration, application security is the process of creating, integrating, and testing security measures within applications.

3.Network security:

A group of technologies known as network security guard against a wide range of potential dangers from entering or spreading within a network, preserving the usefulness and integrity of a company’s infrastructure.

4.Cloud security:

Cloud security, often referred to as cloud computing security, is a group of security controls intended to safeguard data, programmes, and infrastructure that are hosted in the cloud. These steps guarantee data and resource access control, user and device authentication, and data privacy protection.

5.Internet of Things security:

The technique of protecting IoT devices and the networks they use is known as internet of things security. Its key objectives are to uphold user privacy and data confidentiality, guarantee the security of equipment and other relevant infrastructures, and permit the smooth operation of the IoT ecosystem.

Importance of Cyber security:

Because of various security concerns and cyberattacks, cybersecurity is crucial in today’s environment. Many businesses create software for data protection. The data is shielded by this software. Cybersecurity is crucial since it protects not only our systems from virus attacks but also helps to secure information.

Ten tips for cyber security:

1.Back up the data from your divices

2.Choose your accounts having memorable passwords.

3.Keep your devices are update

4.Toggle two factor authentication on.

5.Avoid making important purchases via public wifi.

6.Install an antivirus programme, and perform routine virus scans.

7.Careful for social media account information

8.Can give less information for online related apps

9.Check bank account details for safety way

10.Be imaginative while responding to your account recovery inquiries.