In every nation on earth, women are the primary kid and elder caretakers. Worldwide studies show that women take the lead in assisting the family in adjusting to new realities and problems as a society’s economy and political structure change.

These are the fundamental building blocks of society; they form a family, which in turn forms a home, which in turn forms a society, which in turn forms a nation. Hence, from giving birth and caring for a child throughout their entire life, women contribute in many different ways.

They are portraying a professional, a competent housewife, and a proud mother and daughter. In the past, women were only thought of as caring for the home and young children. Yet these days, people work in many industries to discover their hidden skills as well as to get independence and make money for themselves

Women’s role as a family guide:

The success of sustainable development and family life depends on women. The different roles that women play in the family include those of wife, head of the household, administrator, manager of finances, and last but not least, mother.

women’s role in education system:

Women with education can contribute significantly to society’s socioeconomic growth. Inequalities and disparities are eliminated through education as a way to regain one’s standing both inside and outside of one’s family. It is essential to women’s empowerment, prosperity, growth, and wellbeing.

In addition to encouraging their girl children’s education, educated women are better able to guide their entire family. Moreover, educated women can contribute to population increase and a decline in infant mortality.

women’s role in politics:

In terms of the percentage of women in Parliament, India comes in twenty-first from the bottom. In India, women have served as president, prime minister, and chief ministers of several different states. Women have long been elected by Indian people to various state legislative bodies and the national parliament.

As a working women:

Working women typically view their employment favourably because it has a significant impact on their status. Notwithstanding the impact that stress and family issues play, employment inevitably improves her status, boosts her feeling of self-worth, and gives her higher psychological well-being.

Women’s role in sports:

Sports have long been recognised for their beneficial effects on young girls’ and women’s liberation. Sports participation can help dispel gender stereotypes, boost women’s and girls’ self-esteem, and promote the growth of leadership and strategic thinking abilities.

The role of women in society:

1.A women should be given equal opportunities i socially and economically.

2.Because they are women, they must always be respected and never treated with disrespect.

3.Schooling should be made available for the girls in the rural area

4.Women should be headstrong and believe in them. They must voice their option without any fear.

5.During the middle ages, the women’s position in the society became inferior as compared to men, and the condition of the deteriorated.

6.We should remember the contribution of woman leaders and have a positive attitude towards woman controlling the government.