How to overcome self doubt?

A certain level of self doubt is good because it indicates you understand where you need to improve in order to have a better version of you. Self doubt which occur in life make you do weirdest of thing. We question ourselves do we have the capability to do certain task and overcome from our thoughts. You over think too much which raise another set of question and just like that a link is formed in our subconscious. When you are given a big task you don’t consider it as an opportunity but you feel that I am capable to do the task it creates a panic inside you. Many people don’t do new things and are stuck.
Common causes of self doubt

  1. Past experience and mistakes
    Remember when you are not up to the expectations of other people. You felt criticism and your self-confidence was shattered. Past experience can have impact in your life. It can change your point of view and set of beliefs. Keep referring to past experiences without learning is a waste of your effort.
  2. Comparison with others
    It is not surprising we compare ourselves with others because we are living in world of competition and everyone wants to evolve in their job. It creates in you a peer pressure. It’s easy for us to envy other’s live and thinking that we are not just great as they are .When you’re comparing too much with others about what they have and what you lack, you’ll start to lose yourself. You have to learn to appreciate yourself.
  3. The rise of new challenges
    This is normal we all have a fear of unknown we don’t dare to go to the grounds until about the situation on the new hunting ground. The fear of insecurities and uncertainty will make you feel uncomfortable. Instead of thinking that you are not capable take it as a chance to learn.
    We all learn to walk and talk how much we fall or fumble we eventually learn to avoid mistakes done in the past.

How to overcome self-doubt
What can you do to overcome self doubt and be confident again no matter how tough things go?

  1. Know you’re not alone
    Acknowledge that everyone has doubts. It should not be negative. You will be your own barrier for success. It’s isolating to believe that you’re only one suffering from lack of confidence.
  2. Take a break and be optimistic
    If we feel stuck in a situation or emotion, the harder it is for us to get out of situation.
    You should take a moment and shift your focus to something totally different. It allows us to clear out mind and look at things from a new perspective.
  3. Don’t be afraid to seek to help
    It is good to work on ourselves and ask other about their opinion which help to improve self confidence keep motivated. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It’s common to have doubt it gives you different point of view toward things but you should not stuck in the situation and over think cause problems for yourselves. We should get out of loop.

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