Tips and tricks to crack the competitive exams

India has an extremely competitive environment when it comes to cracking the toughest of examinations, especially at the undergraduate level. The step for your preparation should be to understand the pre-requisites for it. Besides that, one must always have access to the previous years’ question papers. It will give a fair idea about the exam pattern and how to plan the study.

With such a competition, students do need some direction. Here, are some tips on how to prepare for it:

Plan and Strategize – First and foremost, before you start to study, plan everything. Get yourself familiar with the difficulty level of the test. Evaluate where you stand and what needs to be done more. Try to collect all the study material and sample question papers. Ensure that the plan is not aggressive and you don’t overburden yourself.

Set a schedule – Now that you have strategized everything and got all the resources, the second step is to set a timetable. Divide your study hours according to the subjects. Try to make sure that you give enough time for the difficult subject. Also, have short breaks in between, this will relax the mind and help in better concentration.

Minimize the distractions – Get rid of anything and everything that can distract you from studying. Avoid watching shows on Netflix during this time. Not completely, but try to reduce the hours of being on social media or using the phone. All of them can waste your time and stop you from studying.

Focus on understanding concepts – To have a better hold on concepts, don’t mug up as you may forget it soon. Instead try to understand them, analyze, and how they are interlinked. You need to be thorough with the basics as well. Revise it, before you move on to the core syllabus.

Practice! Practice! Practice! – The best way to practice is by writing. The more you write, the more you’re able to grasp the information easily. Revise what all you learned,daily, before sleeping at night. Read it four times!

Test yourself – Now that you have memorized and practiced everything. Examine how prepared you are. Once you are done with the entire syllabus, take your mock tests. Solve all the question papers. This way you’ll know all your mistakes, what is needed to be done, and what to be avoided. It will help you in planning your overall exam strategy.

Be Positive – After all, this is done, stay positive. Believe in yourself and your efforts. Don’t be in any last-minute rush and stress. Avoid studying a night before the exam, just revise your notes. Sleep on time, so that you wake up fresh the next morning. Keep yourself healthy and fit by eating the right food.

All to say, competitive exams are a hard nut to crack but with the right mindset, anybody can excel. And remember, if you don’t, that’s best for you. Something amazing is waiting for you. Don’t kill the spirit. On that note, All the best!