Bad habits in most of the young generation

Adolescence can be a tricky stage. It is during this a time you can either make your future or ruin it. Sad truth of today’s society is teenagers and our youth have made themselves independent and free from extremely important parental support. These ill habits can be as simple as over eating to smoking not only cigarettes but other drugs as well. Here are some of the very dangerous habits much of our youth has and tips on how to solve them.

*) Watching TV

The more time you spend on your sofa watching shows, the less time there is for physical activity and other important matters. Use the same time for some physical activity, burn calories and stay fit and in shape. Spend enough time in sleeping which will help better your mood as well as sharpen your mind. Watch TV 2 hours a day while exercise 30 minutes. Moreover, only turn on the TV if you have something in mind. Don’t bring food while watching because it will only make you lazy and also try exercising during the commercials.

 *) Spending too much

Financial stress can lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches and much more. We understand that’s it is tough to control your expenses but you should also understand that being in debt is the last thing you need. Consult experts and work towards financial independence. Ask the bank to block your credit cards. This may seem like a harsh and sudden change, but this is the only way you’ll prevent yourself from spending over your limit. Prioritize your expenses; pay the bills first and only buy stuff you need.

*) Eating outside

Double cheeseburgers with soda and fries does sound lavishing, but it eventually leads to heart diseases and high cholesterol levels. Fast food is convenient, inexpensive and above all, very tasty. One motivating fact to make your own food is you’ll save a lot of money if you decide to stay in and cook for yourself. Cutting back abruptly is hard so try doing it one step at a time. If you eat out 7 days a week then reduce it to 5 and the 3 and so on. Switch to eating sandwiches from a local shop and slowly start cooking for yourself at home.

*) Breskfast skipping

Skipping this meal can have serious consequences on your body. Only eating a small thing such as bread or cereal allows your brain to know that it’s time to start working. Your body will gain the much needed fuel to kick start the day and you’ll feel much more energetic. Start with eating foods you like. If you’re running out of time, make a quick sandwich with chocolate spread and eat on the subway. Make a smoothie or get some yogurt.

*) Drinking of alcohol

Alcohol can be poisonous, if regularly drunk. It can cause liver damage and various types of cancers. When you quit or slowly cut back, you will certainly feel that your digestive system has gotten better. Your blood pressure will fall and your mind will seem sharper. Slowly cut back by sticking to a healthy diet plan. Drink sips only during meals and not with the intention to get drunk.

*) Smoking

You may hear this a lot but it’s a fact you need to understand. There are certain heart and lung diseases only cigarettes can cause. They increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure. Quitting smoking results in the exact opposite; you blood pressure lowers, risk of cancer decreases and you get a better sense of both taste and smell. Get support and ask your doctor for anti-drug medicines. Use nicotine patches or gum.

At the end of the day, what matters is if you really want to adopt the habits of successful people. Try to understand what their harmful side effects are and ask yourself truly if you want them to happen to you.