Expectation vs Reality

Some days may be nice and some may be not up to your expectation. There will be many situations and moments that you may not like but you have to up come those days and stay positive in all situation. I am gonna tell some ways that may help you in finding positivity in the hard days. Lets see…..


The best way to lead a good and healthy life is to make yourself positive in all situation. Coz if you stay positive all time then your life will change automatically. And know this, your life will be decided by the way of your looking towards the world. So make yourself strong and make the day as yours.


It is also a better way to turn your day a nice one. Everyday will not be yours. There will be downfalls and upraises. So don’t worry on those failures and cry instead celebrate those winnings of yours. And always have the hope in yourself that you’re gonna rock this globe and one day you will be a personality. Till that day don’t wait for anything, Work hard and stay positive.



How to improve Writing skill

Its easy to speak but it is a little more difficult, Coz you have to practice every time and day. So don’t think that you can’t do and leave it as such. There are tricks and ways that you can do and become a good writer. Try these..


Surely you will be having a minimum of 2 hours free time everyday. But in that time, you can use just 20 minutes to be a good writer. If this writing becomes your daily routine, then automatically you will be improved. Don’t think that you don’t know what to write, instead write something from your book and papers. The aim is to write and improve your skill and not to waste time. So pick anything and just write.


It is the basic knowledge that every writer should possess. If you come to possess this skill then you can able to frame the sentences, you will be able to discover new words and use those in your sentences. Start this skill and remember one thing , everything comes from a little start only and try to start that beginning today.



Social media and its impact in relationship

Modern world is revolving. And each and every individual is having modern gadgets and are using them all day. And they are getting drowned in the flavored items in the mobile. Each and everyday, the amount gets increasing. And it is not going to end until everybody changes. It causes a major impact in the relationship in the family and many are broken due to this impact of the media.

Reduction of connectivity with people

Since everybody is using their own gadgets, there is no one to connect with others in the family. And it causes gap in the family and it also causes the break in the relationship. Every time the person involves in the social media thinking that they are going to be united, but in reality the person is going far from that person. And that’s the truth.

Anger when one cannot use

When the person is unable to use the gadget, the anger and the tension of that person is unpredictable and when one oppposes at that place, then there will surely be a break in relationship. Since the teens love the gadget and media more than their own family. So try to make the teens to control their own gadgets and emotions for the everyone’s well being.



Impact of social media in teens

There are over millions of teens across the globe. Mostly everyone will be having mobiles for sure. And minimum of 3 hours everyone will use the mobile for nothing. For various gaming apps and social medias, the children are getting more addicted and are using it continuously. Every usage of these things have a huge side effects and impacts on students.

Wastage of time

The main thing that every teen has to concentrate is time. And here due to the over usage of the gadgets, the children have no time to study. And more over, the teens are already drowned in medias and hence the productive time of these children and the future minds of the world are getting distracted. The utmost goal of most of the teens are not achieved due to this wastage of time.

Finger and Eye pain

Prolonged usage of gadgets leads to the irritation in the eye and continuously touching the screen causes the pain in both the thumbs. Eye is a pure gift given to see the wonders and adventures of life. If it gets wasted in such small age, consider the life of those young ones. And regarding fingers, the important ones to achieve greater heights. If that is spoiled, the life of the teens are horrible and tough.


There are various other side effects of the usage of these things. But these are the main ones. Please don’t efficiently use this. Try to control.



World runs fast. From nothing to everything, various changes are made quickly. There is nothing impossible these days. All these are done by one thing and that is technology. Due to the continuous development and discovery of several things, mostly everything can be seen and learned by us in our home itself. It is a huge achievements of all humans. But when there is something, there will always be some disadvantages. This technology of today may give many things we need but it fails to improve creativity.


People over millions are using gadgets everyday. There is no person without a single electronic item. Hence automatically the gadgets and equipment are slowly dominating us and it is making us addictive to it. Even a single hour, one cannot resist himself from seeing the gadgets. Moreover people are playing games in the gadgets and over millions are fond of playing those. And hence automatically the brain and thinking ability of most of us are decreasing. Its tough job to be in control of using the gadgets, but one has to be in control.


People are continuously using the gadgets for about hours. Even tough the gadget gets heated, the user continuously uses the equipment. This is the power of addiction. And when one effectively using these products, the creativity and the thinking ability decreases. So be in control, know the hours of using gadgets and make sure that you sleep 8 hours a day and read books. Because if you practice at least these two , the imagination can be increased.



Art of Forgiving and Forgetting

Life is short. Many chapters and episodes have to be experienced and enjoyed you. If you struck in one episode then life will be incomplete and it will not be a good ending. If you need to enjoy life, you have to know about two things, Forgiving and Forgetting. If you master it, then you will no longer experience the pain and sufferings. You will lead a happy and healthy life and you will also finish the life series.


Life is just a examination. All will not succeed. There will be errors and mistakes in everyone and it is nature. You cannot live a life without mistakes. And you have to accept others mistakes also. If you don’t accept others mistake then there will be no happiness inside you. There will be sufferings alone. If you cannot live without mistakes then how you expect others not to do mistakes. So don’t take too seriously to your heart and take pain. Just leave it, forgive the person and lead a happy life from this second!

Forget that

The first part ends there nicely. But it will come along you until you forget that. So from now on, try to forget that and be happy. Because if you don’t forget, the memory will follow you until your deathbed. Hence make your mind, be strong, and delete that memory. Be a happy person. Look worls in a different manner.




Globe is revolving faster. If you need to survive, you have to adapt yourself. You have to make yourself equipped and make yourself the needed person in the industry. It has to be done in order to survive. Every time we cannot go out and learn, if you need to learn a bit more, you have to go through the e-learning platform.


It is because that if you learn in your house, it takes about a single minute to start learning. Think about a person, going half way across the city to learn. It saves lots of precious time and energy and it is also easier to do. Coz if you go learn in that place and return back, your 2-3 hours will be wasted in travelling and the expenses for travelling must also be considered. But if you stay in your house and learn, you will be saving all those money and you will learn fast.


The amount that you invest in learning in a center is too high than if you learn in your e-learning. It is automatically good for everyone because if you learn in your gadget, you will only pay an amount which is too less than that of person paying for a center. So do engage yourself in the online platform and make yourself equipped.


It is the important advantage of this learning. Because if you prefer the centers you have to go to the time they prefer, but in this platform, you take your own studying time. Adapt yourself to this and see the change.



Studying Abroad

Each and every second is precious, so don’t waste time and make it a memory. So don’t simply sit in your native and study the traditional subjects, come out from that and see that there is a huge world waiting for you outside. So don’t hesitate to go to other states and countries to learn. It is an awesome thing to learn in another place, it gives various knowledge about life and how to survive in life.


Studying in an different university itself gives you a different kind of learning. Then just think about studying in another country. It is a different feeling that one have to go and experience it. Various things will be different and it gives various knowledge about things you don’t know. It is a hard thing that one have to change the way of learning, but in order to survive, you have to adapt yourself.


It is a natural need to learn that language in order to survive in that place and country. Life is short, go speak with several people, make yourself a nice speaker. You will only achieve it if you go speak with various persons in that place. Don’t hesitate to go out. If you started then the fluency in that language will automatically grow.


It is a huge responsibility to go and learn in another country. Coz you have to maintain the accounts for the expenses and income. It is indeed an important thing to maintain this because if you leave that unattented then you may run out of money. It is important to manage your expenses and maintain a clean record of your expenses.



Risk of Student loans

Various young minds are getting graduation every year across the globe. But every student cannot afford the bill. And hence automatically the ones with a poor background has to depend upon the loan from the banks in order to finish their university studies. But there are various drawbacks in these loans and hence the affected ones are these young people. Lets see about them….


In today’s world, if any student approaches for loan, the cheque will not be given immediately. We can get other loans easily, but education loan is a bit difficult. Because in this loan there is no investment and hence they will consider that it is a huge risk by giving these loans loans. But we have change this rule and make all students applicable for loan.


Since its a loan, naturally one has to pay its interest also. But for these young minds, the job will not be acquired easily and hence it will take years to acquire jobs. Till then he should pay the loan. In that period the student will definitely have a tough period because without job he will definitely have no money to survive itself. But in those time also he has to pay that loan.



Balancing time for academics and co-curricular activities in College Time

College days are the one, in which the person lives the life to his fullest. And it is the place where the entire world gets some knowledge about their career. And it is also the place where everyone knows, how to be in a society. Many will be concentrating only in their academics part only and only by doing that, it will spoil the other fun in the days of the college. So let us see how to balance the time for other activities also…


The first thing you have to do is that you need to have a strong observing skill. So that whatever topics taught in the college must be understood and learnt by you in that period itself. By doing this, a person will get a double benefit. Firstly he will finish learning in the college itself and secondly he will be having a plenty of time in his day.


It is a good thing that you finished academics. But in order to have healthy life, one must have to involve himself in sports. Select the sport you like and daily practice it. Only by doing it, your mind will be at peace and after you finished your studies you will play a good match.


Sports is just one of the activities. Your part of the day will come to an end only when you involve in other activities like making music and dancing etc. By performing all these things, your mind will automatically will have peace and when you achieve peace you will take correct decisions and also your mind will work faster.



Depression – A two sided view

Many people across the globe are mainly dying everyday due to depression. It is because that various people are doing this in a wrong manner and they are worried about their actions after that. It is a very hard to say that but it is the truth, many young people are mostly affected by this and are severely affected and many are taking serious decision such as suicide.


Mostly all those who are affected by these disease are mainly due to the memories of the wrong actions they had done. It is natural that one will make a mistake and there is no person without a wrong done. And even one memory of their wrong attitude will make them hurt themselves. And one small suggestion for those people, Don’t be in a such a state always, engage yourself with people and try to forget or else its gonna be a difficult thing in your life.


It is also a great pain that your close person affects you with their words. It is a horrible one, but you can out of that easily by speaking with friends and by talking with a counsellor can also improve your state of mind. It is normal that a person makes mistake and it also takes few seconds to forgive them. Let others make fun out of you, be strong and rise higher.



Productivity during this Quarantine

Currently the world is suffering a great loss during this corona pandemic. Every country suffers a great economic downfall and due to this various people across the globe are affected. People are restricted to go outside and hence automatically mostly over 60 percent people are affected because they are suffering by poverty. So i am gonna express some of the ways to use your time productively to earn some money.


Since you are in house , mostly you will be free for about 14 hours and if you apply for any short term intern like content writing , it becomes a way to earn and it also helps to develop your brain. So don’t sit and watch netflix, get up , take your mobile and apply for intern. If the result is positive then you will pass your time in a nice way.


The term network marketing gives a easy meaning that anyone can earn money by making others buy products and making them to follow. It is indeed a good idea and it is also done by various people in order to earn an amount easily without putting effective work. Here there is no huge workload. You need to have a nice communicative skill here. Coz if you have a nice skill, your work pretty much easier here.


Many will have plenty of time. So don’t waste it, take your camera and start capture your skill and upload it in social medias like You tube. It will give a satisfaction of utilizing your time in an useful manner. Don’t think that it is a waste of time, your skill may get you various chances in that field . If you need to develop, you have to expose your skill. These are some methods only, you got various methods also, so dont stay useless during this period.


Since you’ve got a whole quarter year, it is a valuable time for you learn a new course. And if you learn now, you have no deadlines and no distractions, so you will be able to learn that course in a deep manner and hence that knowledge in that subject will definitely improve your skill . So forget about having fun and use this precious time.




Many students across the globe are becoming graduates every year. But many students are finding it difficult to study the required portion. The parents of those students are also is in not the state to teach those those kids. And hence it becomes a natural things for a parent to make their child to join coaching centres. But it can also be an additional stress in some point of view and in other view it is effective because that the centres also provide good education.


It is the simplest way of learning and while learning, one can understand the concept deeply as when studying alone will help a person to study in peace. And the self study also gives you more knowledge as you only will learn the topics and you will be familiar will the topic as it is only read by you. And while studying self you will only decide the timings of your study but in coaching centres they will tell the time and you have to go for it.


It is a good start to teach the lagging persons. But here if only the lagging students are concerned then it will be nice. But it is mainly concentrating the toppers. If we can change the education system based on co curricular learning then these lagging persons will also be able to tackle the current tough condition . Also i have to say this that the candidates appearing for the competive exams must need to attend these centres in order to score huge marks. So it is purely the student’s view. One can achieve by going through two ways also.


“Study always, but there is one more thing,life doesn’t always needs academic learning “


The word communication alone decides the state and level of the individual. It is because the person who has nothing but a good communication skills, wins everyone in the room whereas the person with everything but no communication skills will be losing in that situation. I am not saying that, only communication matters, but it gives an added advantage and that is Confidence in the work and it makes the job more easier. Let us see how it works…


There will be one person in the class whose name will be always be in the mind of the every person because he/she will be definitely a amazing communicator and a fabulous speaker in the class. When there is any function in the college or workplace, the one with a creative speaking ability will be given a chance and that person will always speak. It becomes an easy way to be known by everyone and it will give a big friend circle. And that circle will be your stepping stone to your career.


The main reason that everyone insists the young one to speak is mainly because the communication skill improves only by speaking and by speaking, slowly the confidence level of the person increases steadily. And the benefits of the communication is very huge . It is because the person with that skill will be able to tackle plenty of people in a situation. And it also helps that individual to believe that he is capable of the job and he will always have that ability to tackle any situation.


In a company or at work place there will always be a situation for you . And if that situation cannot be handled, you will definitely lose that position. And in order to tackle that situation you need to have a better communication skill. So always be a person with a good communication skill. Only if you develop your communication skill, you will be able to develop your skill and you will improve your level in your field.


“Speak it whether its right or wrong, and always engage yourself in speaking!!!!”


World is running fast. It won’t stop to anyone and nobody will look after you unless or until you must take care of yourself. Loving yourself is the important and needed thing one has to do in order to bring your mind and heart to peace. Days may be going crucial and you may also have lot of pain in the coming days, instead of shouting and crying, one has to tackle himself/herself to stand a chance in life. For these things SELF LOVE pays a way.


At the time, when you know that who are you and when you accept your character as such, many problems will be solved. Because no one will ever try to tease you after when you accept yourself. We cannot change everyone but we can change ourselves. Hence don’t compare with others, don’t think others as superior. Always say to your mind that you are going to make yourself great one day!


Many will always in depression mode. And when you ask that person, they will tell that they had done mistakes in their past. So major reason for depression in always the error we made in the past. So always engage yourself and value yourself first. When you take the decision of suicide, just think that many had nothing but they achieved greater heights because one and only they loved themselves. If you had done mistakes in the past, just don’t about that. do not think that again and again and don’t take that issue seriously, relax, take a breath and say to yourself,”I FORGIVE MYSELF AND I AM FEELING BETTER NOW!”


Many people will say that,” I cannot that thing and i am unable to do that”. If you have that thought, just throw that thought in the dustbin. Just getup and rise and do that thing. There is no thing to stop you. If you find anything like that, don’t think it as a destiny and quit, just think it as a obstacle. Coz if you think everything as a obstacle, you won’t stop in your way. Just go do that thing and always grow bigger and bigger.


And at last, don’t forget to spend time with yourself. The more you love yourself, the higher you will grow. Always say to yourself that,”I WILL EQUIP MYSELF AND I’LL PUT MY EFFORT AND WILL RAISE FOR SURE”. There is no thing greater than a SELF CONFIDENCE. You can only raise your self confidence by loving yourself. So don’t leave yourself unattended. LOVE YOURSELF AND BE HAPPY ALWAYS.




World has changed a lot. Many developments have been made and world has achieved a tremendous change. But various things didn’t change and one of those main things which are affecting the children even now is Bullying. Due to this many have become severely affected and some even have done suicide.


Daily morning, that boy will go to that school in morning as usual, but from that starting of the bus travel itself , the boy will be humiliated by that bully. And hence the day of that victim starts with a negative impact and hence his day will be awful. Due to this many have been affected both mentally and psyco-logically. It is not only for that boy, mostly across the globe various persons have been criticized and over 10 percent of those are deciding to take the decision of suicide.


It is as hard as tasting a dish which you don’t like. If we cant able to finish even a single dish we don’t love, imagine about the life of that person. He will definitely don’t like his life. He will be so much friendly, but has got no companions in his school. IF HE EVEN GOT ONE SINGLE FRIEND, HE WILL DEFINITELY FORGET EVERYTHING AND LIFE HIS LIFE A NICE ONE.

But unfortunately, he will not get because of his appearance and structure. Please if you cant help others, its okay but don’t make others fall.


Normally teachers and staff members mostly don’t know about these kind of practices. Because the one who is making all these things will have a different face in the classroom. He will make a good appearance in front of the teacher and hence the teacher will not also suspect him. The persons doing this will also not do this in front of the official members and staff, hence the teacher role in this is not there. And if the staff came to know about this, surely actions will be taken.


Various colleges and institutions have made several ways to stop this kind of acts. Many methods including Fine for ragging, suspension of the persons making this, giving dismiss orders who make these kind of practices again and again.




The phrase “psychological well-being” is used to describe an individual’s emotional health and overall functioning. Many have found that the absence of distress doesn’t necessarily indicate a person has high psychological well-being.It is all about feeling happy and doing well. People with high mental well-being report feeling capable, well-energized, and contempt with life.


People with higher psychological well-being are more likely to live healthier and longer lives. They are also more likely to enjoy a better quality of life. Better mental well-being also is associated with fewer social problems and high level of happiness in heart.

For instance,people with high psychological well-being are less likely to engage in criminal activity or abuse drugs and alcohol. In addition, positive mental well-being tends to predict higher earnings .

If you’re looking to improve your psychological well-being, there are several things you can do to feel and function better. Here’s an overview of things you an do to improve your overall sense of well-being.


Living a life with meaning and purpose is key to improving your mental well-being.You have to live your life in at peace and Your purpose doesn’t necessarily have to involve changing the world but you must be a person who always need to help at least a single person.


Thinking positively also improves your mental well-being. In turn, as your psychological well-being improves, it becomes easier to think positively and feel good overall. Fortunately, you can begin creating that positive cycle with a few simple strategies. Here are some steps that makes you optimistic:

*) Stay nice always.

*) Be satisfied with what you got.

*) Take part in social activities.

*) Involve yourself in sports and co curricular activities.


Take a few minutes and write down all the good things that could happen to you in the future. Imagine how you could be spending your time and who you would be spending it with if you were living your best life.

You also may want to devise a plan on how you can make that happen. Make small, measurable goals that will help you achieve that better future. Then, put a plan into place. When you’re working toward a better future—even if the steps are really small—it gives you a sense of purpose and something to look forward to.


Spend time thinking about some of the best memories of your life. Whether it’s a family vacation you went on 10 years ago or an award you won at work two years ago, recalling the happiest times in your life can bring more good to your mindset.

Recognizing the good things that have happened to you over time—the people you have built memories with or the good times that you have experienced—is an important part of improving your well-being. They serve as reminders of the fullness life has to offer, especially when circumstances may be pulling you down.


Doing nice things for other people reminds you that you have the power to make a difference in the world. Giving to others also helps you think more positively and feel happier. Helping a neighbor in need, volunteering for a community activity, or raising money for a charity are just a few simple ways to improve your psychological well-being.

Also, look for ways to be kind to others in your everyday life. Doing so benefits you in a number of ways. In fact, if a individual gives kindness releases endorphins that makes good hormones , as well as creates new neural connections. Consequently, kindness can become a self-reinforcing habit that takes less and less effort to perform. There’s also some evidence linking kindness and healing. So, look for ways to be kind to others and your body and mind will thank you.




Any college student can tell you that final exams are stress-inducing. But as you look around a college campus during college exams, you’re likely to see the effects of that stress in action. Even students who previously seemed to be carefree are showing signs of anxiety and sleep deprivation.

Keep your body and mind balanced and ready to tackle those exams with these 5 healthy ways to reduce stress during final exams.


In an age of social media, it can be extremely difficult to focus on one thing for any length of time. But one major problem with social media is that it’s a significant time drain. You don’t need a scientific study to prove that you lose track of time when scrolling through your newsfeed. You probably experience this daily. Social media is one of the major distractions that tempt us all.

But what you may not realize is that this particular distraction may be adding to your stress level instead of detracting from it.  When you think about how likely you are to compare your life with others on social media, it makes perfect sense. But when you’re already feeling anxious, it’s a good idea to remove a potentially stress-inducing distraction.


If you’re like most people, your stress levels are closely tied to your perception of time. When your to-do list seems impossible in a given timetable, your stress levels are likely to skyrocket. After all, you seem to be facing impossible odds.

This is where time management comes in. With effective time management skills, you can make the most of whatever time you do have.

Before it’s even time to start studying, create a study timetable. If possible, plan up to a month in advance. This will take all guesswork away.


Whenever you feel like you’re being pulled in different directions, sleep is usually the first thing to go. Sleep has a very strong relationship with stress, but let’s just say “it’s complicated.” STRESS can lead to insomnia, and lack of sleep increases stress..

The answer is simple in theory, but it can be difficult in practice: Get more sleep to reduce stress.

To ensure your body is primed for sleep, avoid drinking alcohol because Alcohol may help you get to sleep, but you won’t feel as rested in the morning.

Avoid caffeine in the afternoon or evening hours and stay away from “study drugs.” You may think these stimulants give you more time to study, but when you sacrifice sleep, you’ll probably heighten stress.


You may not have an hour to hit the gym every day, but if you can take a 10-minute walk, you can get some major stress-relieving benefits.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a 10-minute walk may relieve as much stress as 45-minutes of rigorous exercise.

A walk may also help you clear your mind and refocus so that you can get a fresh look at the topic at hand.


If you’re feeling the stress that comes along with final exams, there’s one thing for certain: You are not alone. When you’re feeling like stress is getting the best of you, stop and talk to someone. The odds are good that the chat will help improve your focus. But even if it doesn’t, your mental health is more important than a grade.

Some stress may be unavoidable during finals, but with some healthy methods it can be tackled.

                                    “ALWAYS STAY CALM AND HAPPY”

Importance of Digital Marketing in today’s World

When small businesses get started, their focus is often on how to get their first group of customers through the door. They may rely on traditional forms of advertising, such as print ads and coupon mailers or even big signs on the side of the road. They may trust that since they know they offer a good product or service, it’s only a matter of time until customers will find their way to them.

While this strategy may bring in a trickle of business, there is a better and easier way. Small businesses should consider the huge marketplace of prospects online. No small business, no matter how new, should overlook this vast marketplace.

Benefits of Online Marketing

The group of potential customers that are found online is a much larger group of people than you are likely to be able to attract locally. Using digital marketing, you can reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable.

Other benefits of online marketing include:

  • The ability to interact with your prospects and learn exactly what they are looking for
  • The ability to reach a global marketplace
  • You can save money and reach more customers for less money than traditional marketing methods
  • You can track responses to your marketing efforts immediately


If you have been avoiding digital marketing, is it because you think you are simply not ready? Do you think you just need some time to get established and then you will figure out the digital marketing angle?

The problem with this approach is that your customers and potential customers are already online. Right now. Today. There’s a good chance they might already be looking for a business like yours, but if they can’t find you easily, they are probably going to choose someone else.

This is how people do business today. When someone has an interest in your business, whether it is in your niche in general or if they are curious about your brand, the first thing they are going to do is research online and see what they can find out about you.

They expect to find you there with a website .They may be looking for reviews so they can learn what other people are saying about your company and whether it is a good place to do business.

If a potential customer can’t find you online, they may conclude that your business doesn’t appear to be legitimate. There is a very good chance that a lot of these prospects may decide not to take your business seriously and they will quickly head somewhere else.

Once they have made that decision, they probably won’t be back.


For your business to be successful, you need to pay attention to what your competitors are doing and learn from it.Think of your competitors not just as someone that you are planning to beat, but as people who have something to teach you.

When you look at what your competitors are doing, you will get some idea of what is working and what isn’t working. Most likely, whatever type of business you are in, your competitors have established a web presence. What kind of content are they using? Are they blogging, or are they using a lot of graphics and videos?

How do they communicate their brand and what makes them unique? How well do they engage with the audience? Do you think you can do better? You can’t if you don’t participate in competing in the digital world.

If your prospects begin to search for a business similar to yours and are able to find your competitors’ website but not yours, your business is not even in the running. Your prospects can’t choose you if they don’t know about you. In this scenario, your competitors have just raced ahead of you regardless of whether they have an effective website or a clear message.

Be Accessible

It’s clear that in today’s digital world, the first place the average consumer looks for what they want is online. Whatever product or service they are looking for, they will most likely start their search with Google. If you have no online presence at all, you won’t be found, and you can’t compete.

If you have an online presence but your competitors are easier to find and are found first, you still might not be found at all. Besides creating a website, learning search engine optimization is a strategy that can help you move ahead of your competitors just by being the first name that a prospect finds keywords that can lead them to your business.

Simple questions that your prospects may want quick answers to should be easily discoverable online, such as where you are located, what your hours are and what you specialize in. By looking at your website and your competitors’ websites side by side, your prospects should be able to compare hours, prices, special offers and more.

This is why it’s imperative for you to know what your competitors are up to. Your prospects are already checking both you and your competitors out. They are already comparing you against each other. What are they finding out?

Let Customers Come to You

Think of digital marketing as a way to make yourself accessible to the people you are trying to reach in order to offer your products and services. The scope of your business can reach well beyond your walls. You are able to attract a much larger audience than you possibly could by just catering to local prospects.

By creating a web presence, your business is open for business even when it’s closed. You can create an atmosphere in which your customers can come to you anytime day or night.

At their convenience, customers and prospects can send you emails with questions, make purchases and browse your inventory.Potential customers who have no way to physically come to you can still do business with you, whether they are limited by disability, transportation or simply living too far away.

Get to Know Your Target Audience

Digital marketing allows you to engage with your prospects. You can gradually get to know them and what they are hoping to find.On social media or on a blog you can start a conversation. Run a survey or try to get to know them. Pay attention to their comments or their responses to surveys.

By interacting with people digitally, you can start to get to know what they are looking for. Where is their pain? What is keeping them up at night? What solutions can you offer to them? Instead of trying to guess, digital marketing allows you tools and methods for finding out who your customers really are.

In this way, you start to build a relationship with your customers. You become much more than a business. You become a trusted partner. People are much more likely to buy from businesses that they have already bought from.

Few forms of advertising are as cost-effective as digital marketing. Small businesses frequently try to get as much as possible done on a small budget. Many forms of digital marketing allow you to communicate your brand and reach a wide target audience even when your budget is very tight.

Compared to advertising on TV, radio or through direct mail, digital marketing costs considerably less and reaches a much wider audience at the same time. Using digital marketing to promote your small business will help you to have a much better chance of business success.

Bad habits in most of the young generation

Adolescence can be a tricky stage. It is during this a time you can either make your future or ruin it. Sad truth of today’s society is teenagers and our youth have made themselves independent and free from extremely important parental support. These ill habits can be as simple as over eating to smoking not only cigarettes but other drugs as well. Here are some of the very dangerous habits much of our youth has and tips on how to solve them.

*) Watching TV

The more time you spend on your sofa watching shows, the less time there is for physical activity and other important matters. Use the same time for some physical activity, burn calories and stay fit and in shape. Spend enough time in sleeping which will help better your mood as well as sharpen your mind. Watch TV 2 hours a day while exercise 30 minutes. Moreover, only turn on the TV if you have something in mind. Don’t bring food while watching because it will only make you lazy and also try exercising during the commercials.

 *) Spending too much

Financial stress can lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches and much more. We understand that’s it is tough to control your expenses but you should also understand that being in debt is the last thing you need. Consult experts and work towards financial independence. Ask the bank to block your credit cards. This may seem like a harsh and sudden change, but this is the only way you’ll prevent yourself from spending over your limit. Prioritize your expenses; pay the bills first and only buy stuff you need.

*) Eating outside

Double cheeseburgers with soda and fries does sound lavishing, but it eventually leads to heart diseases and high cholesterol levels. Fast food is convenient, inexpensive and above all, very tasty. One motivating fact to make your own food is you’ll save a lot of money if you decide to stay in and cook for yourself. Cutting back abruptly is hard so try doing it one step at a time. If you eat out 7 days a week then reduce it to 5 and the 3 and so on. Switch to eating sandwiches from a local shop and slowly start cooking for yourself at home.

*) Breskfast skipping

Skipping this meal can have serious consequences on your body. Only eating a small thing such as bread or cereal allows your brain to know that it’s time to start working. Your body will gain the much needed fuel to kick start the day and you’ll feel much more energetic. Start with eating foods you like. If you’re running out of time, make a quick sandwich with chocolate spread and eat on the subway. Make a smoothie or get some yogurt.

*) Drinking of alcohol

Alcohol can be poisonous, if regularly drunk. It can cause liver damage and various types of cancers. When you quit or slowly cut back, you will certainly feel that your digestive system has gotten better. Your blood pressure will fall and your mind will seem sharper. Slowly cut back by sticking to a healthy diet plan. Drink sips only during meals and not with the intention to get drunk.

*) Smoking

You may hear this a lot but it’s a fact you need to understand. There are certain heart and lung diseases only cigarettes can cause. They increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure. Quitting smoking results in the exact opposite; you blood pressure lowers, risk of cancer decreases and you get a better sense of both taste and smell. Get support and ask your doctor for anti-drug medicines. Use nicotine patches or gum.

At the end of the day, what matters is if you really want to adopt the habits of successful people. Try to understand what their harmful side effects are and ask yourself truly if you want them to happen to you.

Benefits Of Freelancing

What if you could choose your own office? What if you could change the dim, fluorescent lights from a cubicle, with a large open space. One where the wind would caress your face gingerly, and you could hear the waves breaking at the shore, not too far away. To make this Mediterranean setting complete, what if you could sip on your drink from a coconut while tapping passionately at your keyboard? Sounds highly idyllical, doesn’t it? Not to twist the knife in the wound, but this is more than feasible. By choosing the path of self-employment, you can pick your own place to work from. And this is just one of the many benefits of freelancing.

The workforce emerges in different directions

It’s true, most individuals frown upon the idea of freelancing because aside from the plenty of misconceptions available, it seems to be an unreliable job. Think about it: you are living from paycheck to paycheck, from client to client.

However, it’s highly understandable why most people fear this. After all, freelancing started as an option for income supplementation, and the main idea was not necessarily to find constant projects but to find some when you needed them. Yet in the past years, with millennials entering the workforce, it became a reliable alternative to 9-to-5 jobs. Moreover, because of the traction, it gained in the past years, companies of all sizes – including enterprises are reorienting themselves into hiring freelancers as well, not only full-time employees.

Now, I won’t claim that office jobs will be dead in a certain amount of time, but what I do say instead is that it could be a good option for you to take into the account the idea of going freelance, at some point, especially if you are seeking things such as flexibility, variety, work-life balance and more. Since I do not enjoy making claims without any arguments, here are 5 benefits of freelancing

*) Flexibility

Keeping all the prejudices aside on how millennials do this, do that, “destroy” industries, one of the highest desire of the upcoming generations is flexibility. Whether we talk about having the option of choosing the time to start working or the amount in one day, flexibility is one of the main benefits of freelancing. Aside from this, freelancing gives you the option to work from anywhere – your own home, a café, another city or another country, as long as you have a stable connection to the Internet

*) Thriving on variety

One of the greatest benefits of freelancing is having the opportunity to dip your toes into a pool of possibilities. Usually, freelancers work on a variety of projects, from several industries. It’s not unheard of working only with one, but that’s usually a matter of choice (and of income).

Thus, going freelance will give you the chance to grow, to expand your horizons and to achieve plenty of knowledge and an impressive portfolio. This way, you will be some sort of Jack of all trades (but better than a master of none), in your own field

*) Its a companion

Let’s be honest about something – when having a full-time job, even if you have the chance to work on various projects, choosing which one to work on, is not one of the perks. This way, you might find yourself stuck with a project that goes against your ethical and moral objections, or would stick you in a routine. Even worse, in case your company provides services for other clients, there’s always the option into finding one who is either overly-demanding or aggressive.

On the other hand,  one of the benefits of freelancing is this – you get to choose who to work with. If your client comes to you with a project proposal that doesn’t fit you, or his behavior is not one of your likings, you can always refuse. However, if this is the case, you need to have a plan B. Which, usually freelancers do have – and thus we can talk about another benefit

*)financial security

The idea of living from project to project, without knowing if the income will be enough to pay the bills, is indeed scaring. Yet, history has shown us that having a full-time job, doesn’t necessarily reassure you that you will have the financial security you wish for.

Working as a freelancer makes you aware that maybe, not all the gigs you have are 100% certain. In numerous cases, projects can be cut short for a variety of reasons – budget, style, relationship between the client and the provider and more. Because of this, you will always be prepared to have a Plan B, C or Z, and you won’t leave things to fate.

  1. There is some cost-cutting involved

Maybe this isn’t the main benefit of freelancing, but it’s worth mentioning – working on your own can help you to reduce some of the costs. For instance, if you choose to work from home, you will cut on gas or any other type of commute. Even more, you might have some cost-cuts on food as well, since you can organize your work as you please and you might squiz in some time to cook. However, working from another place, such as a coworking or a café, might increase the costs. But then again, as a freelancer, you can always pick a place closer to your home.


Importance of sPORTS in lIFE

Sports should be given importance at school level because it gives the base of in cultivating sports activities at school level. Sports activities at school level works towards the child’s overall benefit. If there is some sports activity in students daily activities then it would contribute toward his overall brain development and physical development. Earlier more importance was given to grades rather than any extra curricular activities. But since then education system has been changed and no more focus is given on holistic development of students. To make students all rounders , schools are giving equal importance on sports and academics. Students need to keep a balance between sports and education to excel in both the fields. 

Advantages of sports 

Social interaction – Playing sports in school and participating in school sport team helps children to socialize and bond with each other. Physical health – playing sports daily will make a student healthy and stress free which in turn will boost his performance in school. Boost confidence- Sports helps students to gain confidence by playing with their classmates and engaging in friendly competition. Leadership skill- Playing in groups require a student to lead his/her team, which not only boosts his confidence but is also a great practice for future. Sports in education helps to develop mental growth and increases the power of reasoning of students. Being actively involved in sports can help students relax from their daily routine of learning syllabus and reduces exam stress. One needs to keep a balance between work and play to keep the body and soul inn sync. Sports not only makes a person strong from outside but also develops a fit and sound body. Qualities which sports can teach us are : Tolerance Patience Handling pressure Team spirit Proficiency to share victory and defeat Obedience Will power Self- confidence The curriculum should include sports for an all round development of a child. A good academic background is important towards pursuing a career in sports as education qualification is necessary in the long run. Sufficient amount of school time should be allotted towards sports and physical training. A good educational backup will help to maintain a good lifestyle beside continuing sports. click here for more courses on sports. Sports are a crucial part of a student’s growth and development. They help in the development of mental health and physical fitness of the body. The school not only aims to improve a student’s physical abilities but also instill a sense of good sportsmanship in them 

NEED of sports for children 

Taking part in sports is important for children as it reduces stress and enhances their mood. Sports builds healthy bones and muscles, increases fitness, improves sleep, helps them socialize, improves their cooperation skills, boosts self-confidence and lowers the risk of getting obese. 

Sports education in school education 

*) Can stay healthy: Regular physical activity in the form of sports can help students to stay healthy and avoid unwanted illness. One of the most important benefits is reduced risk of obesity which is otherwise a common problem among today’s kids. 

*) Maintain good fitness level: Being involved in sports activities help students to avoid formation of excess fat deposits and thus stay fit and slim. The training activities for the sports help them to develop a good posture which is an important factor of staying fit.

*) Boost in self esteem: Several research studies have noted that playing sports can enhance a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Even small gestures such as a handshake from the coach, a pat on the back from their team mate, a high-five from an opponent or praise of words from parents and friends can boost their self esteem as a student.

*) Be more social: Being a part of sports team helps them to interact well with people of all ages. Making friends and respecting diversities with a more open mindset becomes easier.

*) Improved teamwork and cooperation: Sports competitions and matches needs a very good coordination, teamwork and cooperation. These skills will help students when they grow up as tomorrow’s individuals. In addition to participating in individuals sports, team sports improves their role as a team player which helps them a lot when it comes to group projects both in academics and future career. 


Playing in a team helps children to develop many of the social skills they will need for life. Sports teaches them to cooperate, to be less selfish, and to listen to other children. Sports also gives children a sense of belonging. It helps them make new friends and builds their social circle outside school. 


Discipline. One of the most important things in life is to learn how to train yourself to know your own limits and goals.Respect. Having respect for your coaches in sports helps kids later on in life when dealing with adults or authoritative figures.Friendship. Overcoming AdversityLeadershipResilienceTeamwork. 

Sports Education IMPROVES confidence 

As your strength, skills, and stamina increase through playing sports, your self-image will improve as well. With the renewed vigor and energy that comes from physical activity, you may be more likely to succeed in tasks off the playing field as well arson it. 


For most people, taking part in sport will improve your general health and well being. Playing sports helps reduce body fat or controls your body weight. Sports allow you will gain the satisfaction of developing your fitness and skills. Sports can help you fight depression and anxiety. 

Leadership skills

*) As a leader and authority figure, your fellow team members are likely to follow you down any behavioral path you choose.

*) As a leader and authority figure, your fellow team members are likely to follow you down any behavioral path you choose.

*) As the leader of a team, awareness is key. There’s no absolute method to leadership, and your approach to certain scenarios should be heavily influenced by external factors.

*) Sport is intrinsically passionate. You feel the same set of emotions out on the pitch every weekend: euphoria from victory and disappointment in defeat.

*) Leaders, and in this case particularly coaches, live and die by their decision making. As the creator and implementer of a strategy off the field, or key figure in decision making on it, you need to have the knowledge and ability to stand by the strength of your convictions.


Engage yourself in at least one sport because it drives your mind off from everything in the world and makes you more optimistic.


The season of competitive exams is around the corner and we know you are doing all you can to crack these exams. These exams are designed to check your knowledge in particular sections. In this post we have tried to give you some important tips to crack any competitive exam, be it SSC, IBPS, Insurance, NDA, etc.


Once you have made up your mind to prepare for a competitive exam or to enter a particular sector, the most important thing is to plan your way. Get a rough idea when these exams are conducted in a given year and calculate how much time is with you for your preparation.

In all the competitive exam what is required essentially is your presence of mind. Studying till the last moment will only lead to stress and exhaustion. Before formulating your preparation strategy, chalk out the syllabus and measure your comfort level in individual section. Suppose you feel you are not good in reasoning or essay writing, divide your time table according to it and give extra time to these.


Once you have a sense of the syllabus, make a list of the books or study material you would be requiring for the exam. Study material for the areas like Verbal Abilities, Math and English should be collected.


Make a daily time table and do not forget to include your recreational activities in it. Also try to shuffle the subjects so that you do not get bored. You should try studying for at least 4 hours a day. Take time out for reading newspaper daily. 30 minutes for this would be sufficient, this will certainly help you prepare for your general awareness section.


Whatever you study, try maintaining a notebook for it. Go through this notebook at the time of revision.


Set a finish date on your mobile, calendar or put it on your table. By this date you should finish learning new concepts. It is important that you stick to this date. After this you can start applying what you have learnt and see your performance by giving mock tests, practice previous year papers etc.


Quantitative Aptitude should be given utmost importance at the time of preparation. Try practicing questions daily. Go through the concepts first and then solve problems. Make a note of important formulas, theories and corollaries. You should be thorough with tables, square roots and cube roots to do calculations quickly. Quantitative questions are not difficult to solve, all you need is practice and speed to excel in this section.


Improving your vocabulary will help you a great deal in your English section. Questions on Synonyms, Antonyms and One word substitution will become an easy nut to crack. This is the part which is not given due importance by students. Having a good vocabulary will do you no harm instead it will also help you in your Group Discussion and Interview round ( only if you wish to sweep others by your command on language and some flowery words


Practice questions on age, direction and distance, seating arrangement and Venn diagram. They are almost asked in every competitive exam. You should also work on your speed. Try learning or making your own short cuts to solved a particular set of question. This is the part where you cannot cram anything. All you need to do is to apply your brain and get done with the question and that isn’t a difficult task.


You don’t need to give up your workouts just because the coronavirus has you spending more time at home. In fact, with fewer school or work functions, now is the perfect time to get fit. People who exercise regularly are less likely to get sick and more likely to recover faster if they do.


Your schedule has probably shifted due to work-from-home requirements. Many people have suddenly become homeschooling parents. To save your sanity, map out your days. For example:

  • Wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day
  • Set meal times
  • Dedicate work and homeschooling hours

After you prioritize these necessary tasks, find a block of time to set aside for a home workout, and add it to your daily schedule. You might find it’s helpful to add alarms to your calendar, so you don’t miss a workout. If you find it hard to exercise alone, find a friend and workout together on a video call.


Ideally, some of your workouts can take place outside, so have your shoes ready and waiting. But on wet or rainy days — or if you’re working out at night — you’ll want to assemble a makeshift gym indoors. Before your first workout, get your space ready:

  • Move furniture that might be in the way
  • Gather weights (or items you can use as weights), so they are ready and waiting
  • Collect other items you might need, such as a towel or a yoga mat


You don’t need weights to do an at-home workout. Search for bodyweight workouts that use the weight of your body to help build lean muscle and decrease body fat. Examples of bodyweight exercises are pushups, burpees and pistol squats.


Yoga routines are easy to do at home, with or without a mat. There are different yoga styles, but all feature breathing, stretching, movement and postures that build muscle using only body weight. If you’re feeling stressed during this pandemic, yoga offers a way to notice and reflect on your emotions. If you aren’t familiar with yoga poses, check out apps and video streaming sites.


Working out at home has never been easier, thanks to streaming services. Many online providers are offering free or reduced-fee classes to help people stay fit during isolation. A simple web search can bring up a plethora of workout videos and apps to help you find a routine. Search by time or style (cardio vs. weight training) to get results that make it easy and fun to workout at home.


Whenever possible, do your cardio outside if you can keep a healthy distance from others. Walking or running outdoors exposes you to sunshine, which increases the feel-good brain chemical called serotonin. Other benefits of outdoor workouts are:

  • Longer workouts: People tend to spend more time exercising outdoors because it feels less like a chore.
  • Greater challenge: An ever-changing terrain can be more challenging for your body and mind.
  • More enjoyable: Many people find they enjoy outdoor workouts more because of fresh air and shifting scenery and are therefore more eager to get their workout in.
  • Vitamin D exposure: The sunshine vitamin (vitamin D) may help boost your immunity.

How to grow your business through Instagram

Instagram business account

If you already have a personal Instagram account with brand-appropriate content and an established following, you might want to simply convert it to an Instagram business account. This gives you access to all the business features but makes the transition seamless for your existing followers.

You could also choose to create a brand-new Instagram business account. This is the right choice if you don’t have an existing personal account, or if your personal account does not accurately represent your business.

target audience

Before you can decide what kind of content to post in Instagram, you need to think about who’s going to see it.

The vast majority of Instagram users are under the age of 35, with a fairly close split between male and female users. The United States has the largest number of Instagram users, closely followed by India, Brazil, and Indonesia. That’s good information to get you started, but you need to go beyond these overall instagram demolitics to define a target audience unique to your brand.

goals and objectives

Knowing what you want to accomplish by using Instagram for business is the first stage in creating an effective Instagram strategy. Understanding your goals keeps you on track and allows you to focus all of your efforts on achieving real business objectives.


Once you start building a following on Instagram, your fans will expect to see posts from you on a regular basis. You want to keep them aware of your brand and engaged with your content without overwhelming them to the point that they tune out—or worse, unfollow.


Your Instagram bio is only 150 characters long, but it needs to do a lot of heavy lifting. It tells first-time visitors who you are, what your brand is all about, and why they should care.

How do you cram so much information into such a small space, while also conveying brand personality? We’ve got a full guide to creating an effective bio but here are some quick tips:

  • Use your brand voice: Convey your personality. Go casual, or professional, or a little bit cheeky, depending on what makes the sense for your business.
  • Include hashtags: Instagram bio hashtags are clickable, and are a great way to show off user-generated content.
  • Try emoji: These little symbols can help you convey a lot of information in just one character.
  • Use spacing and line breaks: Line breaks make your bio easier to read online.


To make Instagram work for your business, you’ve simply got to have great photos. But you don’t need to be a professional photographer, and you don’t need a lot of equipment.

Your mobile phone is your best friend when it comes to Instagram photography, since you can post straight from your device. Here are some tips to get the best photos

  • Use natural light. No one looks great with a flash lighting up the oiliest parts of their face and casting weird shadows on their nose and chin. The same is true for product shots. Natural light just makes shadows softer, colors richer, and photos nicer to look at.
  • Avoid harsh light. Late afternoon is an unbeatable time to take photos. Cloudy days are better than sunny ones for mid-day shooting.
  • Use the rule of thirds. Your phone camera has a grid built in to help you follow this rule. Place your subject where the grid lines meet to create an interesting photo that’s off center but still balanced.
  • Try different angles. Crouch down, stand on a chair–do whatever it takes to get the most interesting version of your shot (as long as its safe to do so, of course).


In order to build a successful career, you have to plan first. It’s not a one time thing that you do in your school and college and then leave it, and move onward towards your job and career. In fact, Planning must be done on a daily basis, no matter “What platform you are at”; and at “What position”.

Before structuring a successful career for yourself, the utmost thing is to evaluate yourself and have a clear focused mind; stating “What’s your Goal in life?” ‘Or’ “Which career path do you want to choose?” A positive methodology towards your goal will make your life better in all phases, as it offers you a feeling of sanctuary and triumph.

The following SEVEN Approaches will give you enough boosts to improve your career and be successful:-

*) Know your Goal – “What’s your Ultimate Goal?” This is an imperative question to ask yourself before you start your journey. You must know your goal in life. Many people today, are just drifting with the trend. They do not follow their dreams; even if they don’t like what they are doing. Hence, it is imperative that you set your priorities and act accordingly.

*) Update your resume – Your resume speaks for you. It tells who you are, what have you done, and how useful can you be for the company. That’s why you should create a professional and neat resume, and be ready when the next opportunity knocks at your door.

*) Develop your skills – There is no doubt that skilled candidates are being searched, and hired by all organizations. Hence it is important to give equal importance to both Soft and Technical skills. Its best to keep updating your knowledge, attend seminars, conferences and read books.

*) Increase your Network – Networking is all about making connections. When you meet new people, you fundamentally get a chance to learn, interact and enhance your skills. Successful people always make networks and create long lasting relationships.

*) Be Socially Active – Create your social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. These three networks will be your best bet; and you will get lots of opportunities and career choices along the way. Be sure to be updated on them.

*) Believe in Yourself – Your objective in an interview is to go in there, and convince the assessors that you’re more than capable of doing the job, and that you’re the top candidate for the position. Be Confident!

*) Stay positive always – Whatever may be the situation , always stay positive and wait for your time to come and when it comes you’ll succeed.


Take your time and decide your career because it will not only gives you money but also job satisfaction also. So decide well.


The human race has made significant progress in the past 7 million years. From being cave dwelling Neanderthals to now being jet-setting futurists, we have come a long way.  Today, as we gear up to become a planet of 9 billion people, are we better off than we were millenniums ago? Of course access to the bare necessities of life has never been easier. Shelter electricity, food, and hygiene have considerably improved the quality of our lives. But the one essential element that separates us from the dumb, that helps create better societies, develop virtues and gives us a sense of freedom—is Education and many around the world are still deprived of it.

The classic definition of education is ”the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”. But education is much more than that. It is a process which can be acquired anywhere at any time and any age. It is the fundamental right of every citizen because it promotes empowerment and ensures development benefits. Education can be used for the upliftment of society since it helps elevate the social and economic conditions in the marginalized sections of society.

Education makes us better citizens by teaching us how to conduct ourselves through life by following rules and regulations and giving us a sense of conscience. It make us more confident to go out there and achieve things. Many governments across the world have recognized the importance of education as a tool to enhance progress and make the world a better place. Let us see how it achieves that:

spread awareness

Blind faith and superstitions are what bog down society. People misled by false beliefs do more harm than good to society. Education helps us question, gives us an analytical mind and helps us reject superstitions. An educated mind asks for logic and scientific reasoning behind all actions.

helps us stand up for the right

Education helps lower crime rate. That’s because the educated can differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong. Research has shown that increasing the high school completion rate by just 1 percent for all men ages 20-60 would save the U.S. up to $1.4 billion per year in reduced costs from crime. This is true for other regions as well.

It helps progress

Better education opens up a host of opportunities and this is especially relevant in the times we live in where technology and education ensure that opportunities are not bound by geography.

gives us a heALTHY LIFE

Better educated people tend to live longer and have better lifestyles. For example research conducted in central European OECD countries have shown that a 30-year-old tertiary-educated man can expect to live eight years longer than a 30-year-old man who has not completed upper secondary education. While a tertiary-educated woman can expect to live four years longer than a woman without an upper secondary education.


It is a fact well known that the more degrees you have, better would be your economic performance. There is a deep connection between education and productivity and in this age where there is competition at every turn, education is what will help an industry and subsequently a nation, to flourish.

It helps us connect across borders

Digital education has helped achieve this. Education has given students from across borders opportunities to connect and communicate and work towards building a better future and a better world. For example, a professor in America can help inspire a student in Afghanistan to study and travel the world, help herself and a whole generation after her, to lead a better life.

It gives empowerment FOR EVERYONE

Education helps turn weakness into strength. Education gives us the confidence to stand for ourselves. It improves our decision making capabilities, makes us mobile and gives us access to social networks. Many researches have proven that in countries where women are subjected to gender bias, education helped them stand up against marital violence, improved their decision making capabilities and helped them take charge of their own lives.

To quote Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, “books and our pens, they are the most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first.”


The global impact of Corona virus is immense as educational institutes all over the world – from Harvard to the IITs – are closed. Covid-19 has thrown education all over the world in a loop. Here are the major problems.Schools are shut, and students are stranded at home, with extremely limited contact with friends and virtually no physical activity, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic raging across the world. IB, A Levels, ICSE, CBSE all known and recognized boards have postponed or cancelled examinations. Likewise, top colleges like MIT, Harvard, Princeton have closed.

Closer home, institutions like IITs and IIMs have all closed their campuses and moved classes online. Even standardized tests like GMAT, GRE, SATs, ACT remain suspended and the future of many students hangs in balance!

Clearly, there is panic all around and educators and students alike are confused as to next steps and continuity with respect to educational objectives.


These are those students who are caught in the limbo on account of education outcomes being withheld due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of them do not have a result because exams either did not happen or were left in the middle.

Many of them face uncertainty as to their future because their next steps further education or careers are dependent upon them clearing their school or college leaving exams.

We believe that these students, while may face a degree of uncertainty with respect to future, are not facing a very difficult problem.

The only challenge is when they would start their next innings?

Hence, they should patiently wait while staying in touch with their prospective universities.

Any clarity as to the decision-making process and entry factors would come as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic impact recedes and life returns to normalcy.

Be on the lookout for new information and make sure that you are able to position yourself very quickly in line with that so that you don’t lose out when things start to move.


These students are in a bigger quandary because of the Covid-19 pandemic because not only their education process is disrupted, but they also face a big challenge of proving themselves for their next journey.

In the absence of hard academic indicators such as grades and marks, many of these students find themselves in a situation where they are unable to differentiate themselves and lack a cohesive framework to get themselves ready for the jobs and education tasks they face next.


All other students who are away from such outcome-dependent situations such as above also face severe education disruption.

In response to the Covid-19 scare, many schools have moved online and parents seem to have assumed the role of teachers and are fast becoming savvy with resources created for home-schoolers to cause minimal disruption to their children’s education.

Again, while there are a ton of fantastic resources which are available, there are not too many resources which mimic the school that is, provide for multidisciplinary learning, encourage connections across different domains and inspire ideas which help a child develop 21st century skills and prepare themselves for the jobs of the future.


*)Closed schools

*)Postponed or rescheduled the examinations

*)Cleaning and sanitisation of premises.

*) Consideration of long term uncertainty etc.

Affect of Modern Technology on Education


There are plenty of mobile applications that initiate students with special needs into the learning environment through enabling and facilitating them with digital education aids. Online learning and computer technology activities hugely help to bridge the gap between regular and disabled students through making knowledge easily accessible. With technology, it is also possible for special needs students to enjoy other fun activities like playing.


Education that is run by technology has widened. Many learning institutions currently offer online courses which students can access from anywhere they may be. Video conferencing and applications such as Skype are a platform for students and teachers share knowledge conveniently.


The assessment process in most learning institutions is now digitalized. Learners can do tests online and they can instantly assess their knowledge base. Online assessments are impartial and flexible. Students have the freedom to do the tests when they are ready and this is very useful to those that are pursuing correspondence or distance courses.


Most teachers are now utilizing technical aids to remain in touch with the learners. They can use services such as dropbox which allows uploading and sharing content with a huge number of people. They can also use emails.


Video games that simulate real life problems can lead to change of behaviour in students. The games offer a huge range of information and they make students become good problem solvers. The games can be addictive but when played under good guidance they are a good source of edutainment.


E-books and online libraries are useful to learners. Google for instance has partnered with libraries and publishers to come up with an extraordinary library that is extensive, flexible and virtual. Google books offer snippets of many books and this bring together new publishers and new books to learners. With internet, readers and publishers are able to discover each other.


Some learning tools such as visual or audio stimulus, online learning modules and animations appeal to learners with dissimilar learning styles. There are those who find classroom learning to be boring and uncreative. Such learners are effectively persuaded to study through the digital aids that offer an excellent blend of learning and fun.


This is the main negative impact of modern technology in learning. With technology, it is very simple to cheat in exams. Students are allowed to use calculators during exams and these calculators have all formulas needed to pass exams and it is not easy to get caught.


Modern technology can be a powerful tool for cheating and it can open doors that are better left closed but all in all, it plays an important role in education.


India , the word describes heritage where in here from ancient days it has started its own education system. Various temples and religions spread the education very well.
It had its 1st University Nalanda till 13th century. Not only Indians it had also attracted students from other countries also.

It comprises of primary, secondary, senior secondary and higher education. Here there are also world class educational institutions like IIT , IIM and IISN for higher education.
Here the seats are allocated according to the caste system.
According to the 2001 census total literacy rate is 65.38%. But the female literacy rate is only 54.16% . This gap is very significant and this also forms a evidence that only 59.4% of the total population are only literates.

Here early childhood education is very difficult because most of us are in low income groups. And even 40% do not qualify primary schooling. But whereas in private sectors the people in middle and upper community pays and makes their children learn. Moreover here along with studies playfulness curiosity and eagerness also gets increased to the students. In order to balance this government has taken various steps.

Those various schemes are
State wise amount spent on elementary education from compartment of prambik shiksha kosh in India and similarly state wise targets are achieved.
Similarly various funds are also allocated to the eastern states as well for the operation blackboard and non formal education (1997-2001). Efforts are also taken severely in order to improve the women education and seeing up various ecational institutes exclusively for them.

1.47 lakh primary schools have been opened
Large numbers of teachers have been employed.
Free text books were provided to the school children.
Mid dat meal for school children.
Government and government aided schools.

The national council of educational research and training (NCERT) provides support and technical assistance to various schools in India. Some of them are
The state government board

Like primary schools government also planned for this too.
Over 17000 Colleges 20 Central universities 217 State Universities 106 Deemed to be universities were formed .
And 8 new IITs 7IIMs and 5 new IISs are now proposed.