Many students across the globe are becoming graduates every year. But many students are finding it difficult to study the required portion. The parents of those students are also is in not the state to teach those those kids. And hence it becomes a natural things for a parent to make their child to join coaching centres. But it can also be an additional stress in some point of view and in other view it is effective because that the centres also provide good education.


It is the simplest way of learning and while learning, one can understand the concept deeply as when studying alone will help a person to study in peace. And the self study also gives you more knowledge as you only will learn the topics and you will be familiar will the topic as it is only read by you. And while studying self you will only decide the timings of your study but in coaching centres they will tell the time and you have to go for it.


It is a good start to teach the lagging persons. But here if only the lagging students are concerned then it will be nice. But it is mainly concentrating the toppers. If we can change the education system based on co curricular learning then these lagging persons will also be able to tackle the current tough condition . Also i have to say this that the candidates appearing for the competive exams must need to attend these centres in order to score huge marks. So it is purely the student’s view. One can achieve by going through two ways also.


“Study always, but there is one more thing,life doesn’t always needs academic learning “