Art of Forgiving and Forgetting

Life is short. Many chapters and episodes have to be experienced and enjoyed you. If you struck in one episode then life will be incomplete and it will not be a good ending. If you need to enjoy life, you have to know about two things, Forgiving and Forgetting. If you master it, then you will no longer experience the pain and sufferings. You will lead a happy and healthy life and you will also finish the life series.


Life is just a examination. All will not succeed. There will be errors and mistakes in everyone and it is nature. You cannot live a life without mistakes. And you have to accept others mistakes also. If you don’t accept others mistake then there will be no happiness inside you. There will be sufferings alone. If you cannot live without mistakes then how you expect others not to do mistakes. So don’t take too seriously to your heart and take pain. Just leave it, forgive the person and lead a happy life from this second!

Forget that

The first part ends there nicely. But it will come along you until you forget that. So from now on, try to forget that and be happy. Because if you don’t forget, the memory will follow you until your deathbed. Hence make your mind, be strong, and delete that memory. Be a happy person. Look worls in a different manner.



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