ESP- Extra Sensory Perception

Telepathy- communication without communicating! Is it possible?

This is often regarded as unrealistic, and it may sound absurd as if someone is making these perceptions in its own head. But, recent researches suggest that it is possible and it’s effective in many ways. Many studies assert that one can read minds as we have neurons functioning as mechanical mirrors. It has also been said that telepathic connection is not only restricted to humans, animals and birds can also communicate via this. Considering the wheeling flock of birds as a representation, it is said that the thought of all the birds is parallel and it could possibly be because of their telepathic connection that we witness them darting and wheeling together through the sky.

Telepathy has been derived from two Greek words: Tele meaning distant and pathos meaning feeling, perception, experience, etc.
There is no adequate evidence to prove its existence but one cannot overlook it completely and that’s why telepathy falls under the category of pseudoscience. There are statements, shreds of evidence and hypotheses that claim telepathy to be both, scientific and factual but it’s inefficacious to pass the scientific protocol.

There is an infamous example of a magician and mentalist Washington Irving Bishop, who used to perform ‘thought reading’ which we now call telepathy. He was examined by a group of scientists including the psychologist Francis Galton. Bishop performed several feats diligently like identifying a spot on a table or locating a hidden object. For this he required physical contact with a subject who knew the correct answer, he would hold the hands of the helper and give his answers. Still, the scientists concluded that the Bishop was trained in skill to detect ideomotor movements (a psychological phenomenon in which a subject makes motions unconsciously) and was not a telepath.

There are certain examples as well where people tried to bluff others for having the psychic ability.
E.g: In the late 19th century the Creery Sisters (Mary, Alice, Maud, Kathleen and Emily) were tested by the Society of Psychical Research and believed to have some genuine psychic ability. But later during an experiment, they were found to be fraudulent and they confessed that they were using signal codes.

There have been hundreds of incidents and experiments throughout the ages which at first seemed to prove the existence of telepathy. But when reviewed or explored further they came out to be flawed or observational. Some showmen tricked their audience with the information received about them before their show began.

Some experiments were not approved because the subjects were husband and wife, so it was claimed that an intuitive wife would know how her husband thinks or reacts to a situation. This experiment was performed by an American writer Upton Beall Sinclair on his second wife Mary Craig Sinclair. She tried to replicate 290 pictures drawn by her husband. Mr Sinclair claimed that she successfully copied 65 of them, 155 were partially successful and 70 were failures.

Just like the existence of God which is controversial for Science, it believes in the presence of supernatural power, energy or entity but can’t depict its physical appearance hence doubts it; telepathy has always been a mystery and has become even more mysterious and exciting for the modern generation. As we have heard or read in many books written by philosophers like Vivekananda and many more that how ancient Gurus could communicate by clairvoyance, just by their thoughts and senses. Just like our modern communicating devices like computer and its medium, the internet. Today scientists are trying their best to understand and acquire this skill like we have understood hypnotism which is very resourceful in medical science now. But just like everything else telepathy has its vices and virtues too. By reading one’s mind and further controlling it we can use this skill to help a person to deal with difficult situations such as depression, mental illness, negative thoughts, etc. But if it becomes easy to access, people with criminal mentality can use it for the worst of things.

As per me, if it becomes attainable by mankind, people are either going to control their own sensitivities or to control everyone else as per their own discretion. And for the worst, we can end up being robots!