The story of “Burkini”

Going global is the biggest challenge for brands. Various countries across the globe are at various stages of development. The needs and wants of people across the countries might be the same but the brand preferences vary a lot. The factors which every brand manager must look into before moving in the global market are- economic, political, social, and cultural. In business terms, you need to work on PESTLE analysis.
The brand story of Burkini –

In the year 2003, Ahada Zanetti founder of AHIDA Private limited and designer of the Burkini Brand introduced the first product of swimwear for Islamic women. She was inspired by watching her niece facing difficulty in playing netball in a traditional Hizaab. She went on a search to find anything which matched the demands for comfort and flexibility with the requirement of modesty. After doing a thorough research and focusing on the Islamic code of conduct, she designed and produced the first sample of AHIDA BURKINI- Swimwear and sportswear brand. It was accepted by the Islamic community and was given official permission for production.
The dress became so successful among the young Islamic Girls, that immediately it gains a huge demand. Earlier, women wear uncomfortable wearing a short dress and were also not allowed to fulfill their dreams of becoming a sportswoman.
Understanding culture is most important for brand success. The culture of a country influences the consumption patterns of the people there. This can vary also within the country, which is especially true for a huge country like India with rich cultural diversity. Brands need to adapt or come out with completely consumer-friendly products.