Art in all of its form has been beautiful, it’s also terrifying. Beauty is a characteristic particular to an object that appeases the human senses. There is beauty in the way that we always catch something different each time we look at it, it’s terrifying because you didn’t catch it in the first place; it’s almost that beauty reflects what the eye of the beholder is feeling. You can find meaning in how you can distinguish melancholy from sadness in a painting, the way the music feels different. Art is beautiful not for the way that it was painted or how a song was sung or how a person danced but how the way you think of it, how your eyes sparkle when you talk about it. Art in all of its forms is beautiful for its ability to make someone happy just by looking at it even if that piece of art was made in sadness. It’s beautiful not for the way everyone said it is but for the way how everyone looks at it, it’s almost like you are staring right at your soul. Haruki Murakami said that “Have you ever had that feeling – which you’d like to go to a whole different place and become a whole different self” this saying is the essence of art. Art always makes us feel more human than we all are because we are always sticking their emotions in things that have no emotions.

It’s the human hopes and beliefs that make art beautiful; it’s how humans crave words and depth, desires, and fears. It’s how you love art in a way you don’t understand. That’s why art is beautiful and we humans quiver before it because of how art consumes us, unstrings our emotions. Life without the existence of art is painful and bland, the different of expressions art give birth to human identity and our creative powers with which human identity is meaningless.; art gives humans a chance to show and display important facets of their identity, show why they believe that certain issues must be paid more importance, why they vehemently stand for who they are. Art is for everyone and art is a display of human being’s capacity for empathy and honesty, open understanding. We make art because we want to be relatable and oddly humane despite all our flaws. Of course, all of us aspire to be an elegant person who is well-read, fluent in many languages, knowledgeable in the art, and always smells exquisite like roses. But we also aspire to be a woman in the cottage in the countryside who drinks wine, reads old novels, loves the feeling of warmth of a hot cup of tea by the window, is humble, and bakes the best biscuit ever. That is art is a relatable and bizarre concoction of feelings that we feel, we feel complex feelings but art makes our feelings more e defined, a bit sharper, a bit easier to understand, and explains to others about it. It’s basically a sardonic commentary of the spectrum of human emotions. They are powerfully glorious mysteries and yet art fulfills every human desire ever. We humans despite all our flaws are marred creatures who create fascinating works of art based on emotions and watch them in awe and be amazed. Whatever we do ends up being art, it’s always fascinating that anything we humans are good at ends up becoming art. We call cooking art when it’s beautiful, we call painting art when it’s beautiful. More importantly, art is different for each and every one of us, the difference in our perspective gives us a different outlook on art. Everything around us becomes art if we look at it pretty.