Dreams as pseudo Oxygen

Dreams are stories, thoughts, images or emotions that our minds creates during period of sleepness. It can be also defined as “an involuntary vision occurring to a person when awake.” Dreams can be entertaining, funny, romantic, disturbing, sometime even frightening. There are several theories regarding this:-

  • representing unconscious desires, wishes and thoughts.
  • interpreting random signals from the brain and body during sleep.
  • an unique state of consciousness that grow experience of the present, processing of the past, and preparation for the future.

Dream play a crucial role in human life. It can be said that dream is aim for human. Every person has some dream in his life. It can be become millionaire, brightest icon in their field, enjoy it’s seconds of time etc and many other. As per my thought one person is alive to fulfil his or others dream in life. So we can say that dream is essential as the oxygen to the life. Without dream life is useless. Every person has its own dream and it depends upon its age, lifestyle and various circumstances. Not everything you think of can be your dream. Some things are just a part of the fascination you grow up with during your childhood.This very dream encourages you to do better and better and move towards your goal. In student life dream is very important it gives path or goal to a student. Student must not fearful about career dream, fitness, relationship etc. One must can achieve it’s dream/aim by hard labour, determination & firm.

At last, I pray to the Lord that one and all achieve their Dream/Aim.


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