India- post Corona

The world has felt a devastating shockwave of the coronavirus, COVID19 a mild and heavily contagious disease has been spreading out in the world and humans have faced their first pandemic. COVID19 is a mild disease for all except for people with comorbidities and the elderly. Therefore to prevent the spread of the disease, nationwide lockdowns had been imposed across the globe, but the poor is like Jon Snow, who knows nothing except for hunger. They have been deprived of their daily bread and not only that, but the nation’s GDP has also registered a steep decline. The developing nations have been affected devastatingly, the pandemic coupled with already present crippling health infrastructure has left nations with no other options than lockdown. Amid pandemic huge numbers of jobs were lost with many shops closed, many economies sank has left a deep emotional impact on the minds. A 10% negative growth for any developing or underdeveloped country like Benin is far worse than a 10% negative growth for any developed country like the USA or UK. But yet as the saying goes “It may be stormy now, but rain doesn’t last forever”, many western countries and China have started their daily chores trying to keep afloat the economy. India also has an opportunity to re-imagine and re-architect the archaic systems. The volatile geopolitics of today’s world could prove to be a golden opportunity for India. This pandemic has caused a lot of troubles for China and it means a golden opportunity for India to bag. With the US playing US and allies vs China and allies, India needs to have a long term strategy that determines its long term goals. Being a gofer for any of the power would not prove conducive for strong stature. Also as the recession is being predicted for 2020, a steep recovery follows it. Statisticians believe that projected growth would be much higher than that of 2019 for any country if policy taken around the world are effective. Work from home has become the new normal and therefore it would irrefutably continue post-pandemic. With most office spaces left empty could be used to settle in the growing population. But as digital technology advances many can cope up with the advancements but many are left behind. A new inequality has come into existence, technically it has not come into existence, it was there since the start of the digital age but now it is more telling, as more and more people have to rely on digital sources. Also, the aviation and tourism industries being among the worst affected would travel back in time to 2011-12, with little chance s of revival because of the skepticism within the population. Pandemic has boosted the demand for online streaming platforms and thus most multiplexes, cinema halls are going to say goodbye. As the construction sector has taken a huge toll, the revival of the industry could be bolstered through green constructions. Governments should incentivize more and more green buildings, as during the lockdown world has seen a cleaner and eco-friendly environment. COVID-19 has provided a moment to pause and introspect, it has shown the advantage of living harmoniously with nature. We need to adapt to the situation as COVID-19 is going to stay with us for some time. During this time altruist in most of the people has come into existence, thus it could be said that human relations will increase. Also, people now know how little they need to survive, the importance of familial relations, hygiene. Although not sure of human relations, since humans are way unpredictable, but just hope for the best. Above all most of the international organizations that have failed us in the pandemic would be restructured. Woodrow Wilson emerged as the first world leader after WWI, afterward Franklin D Roosevelt and post-pandemic would be the time to choose another world leader. Whether India would emerge as one is a question that still needs an answer. Till you find it out, stay safe, use sanitizers and masks.