Sushant Singh Rajput hired a special team to achieve his list of dreams. Details inside

Sushant Singh Rajput had a list of 150 dreams and hired a special PRO team to achieve them. His flatmate, Samuel Haokip, was a part of this team and also used to help Sushant with his legal matters as well as handling finances. Sushant Singh Rajput wanted 5-6 people who could help him achieve his list of dreams

a man looking at the camera: Sushant Singh Rajput had a special team of people to help him achieve his dreams.

Following were the members of Sushant Singh Rajput’s PRO team:

Samuel Haokip

Samuel Haokip met Sushant Singh Rajput through common friends. Sushant was looking for someone who has knowledge of law, which is why Haokip, who is a lawyer, became a part of his team.

Samuel Haokip lived with Sushant Singh Rajput for almost a year and left his house in July 2019, since he got a job in a law firm. It was Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister, Priyanka and her husband, Siddharth, who helped Samuel in finding the job. He left Mumbai and shifted to Delhi in order to continue with his law practice. He used to majorly focus on the actor’s film contracts, negotiating with producers, drafting contracts for house helps,and used to manage other people who used to work for Sushant.

Kushal Zaveri

He was with Sushant Singh Rajput since the actor’s television days. In a telephonic interview with Aaj Tak, he had shared that he was with the late actor during the shooting of Dil Bechara as well. However, he went to Goa for a personal project in 2018 and his contact with the actor decreased.

Siddharth Gupta

He is Vikas Gupta’s brother and was also Sushant Singh Rajput’s roommate for some time.


He worked as the editor in the PRO team.

Gradually, all members got busy with their work and left Sushant Singh Rajput’s PRO team. Samuel Haokip was the last one left.

Sushant then reached out to one of his friends as he wanted to hire more people. It was here that Siddharth Pithani entered the picture, upon a friend’s recommendation. Samuel Haokip trained Siddharth Pithani and it was in April 2019 that Rhea Chakraborty entered the actor’s life.

Earlier, only Samuel Haokip and Sushant Singh Rajput were staying together along with the house helps, the cook, Keshav and housekeeper, Neeraj. Gradually, Rhea, as well as Siddharth Pithani, also started living there. Sushant had also called Dipesh Sawant, a friend of Abbas, to stay with him.