Farmers suicide in India

India is known as the agri-based economy. It is too much depended on agriculture. Agriculture is done by the farmers which feed crops to the entire country with their hardwork. They are known as the backbone of our nation.

Farmers are faced by many problems in our country. The news in papers are all about suicides. Everyday the farmers are committing suicides. Some drink pesticides, while some hang themselves in their houses. Why? Poverty is major issue for the farmers. They do not get the enough minimum support price that they should get by the government. They are not getting the right price for their crops. They cannot maintain the needs required for their living. In order to meet their needs, the farmers take loans that they are incapable to repay. Due to this, they are caught into indebtness.

Farmers are also dependent on seasons. If there are no rains, the entire crops get wasted. Drought also yield to crop like wheat, corn failure.

Recently, the farmers protest for the farm laws passed by the government. The protests took place in punjab, Haryana and uttar pradesh. But sadly to get attention from media and government, they had to face very unfortunate acts. The police tried to stop these farmers by using water cannons. Farmers suffered from cold and the food was not sufficient for enough days.

To avoid the issues regarding the farmers, we should help and educate them which will reduce their suicidal issues. The panchayats of the village should help them by canceling all their debts and prevent them from getting loan. The Indian government has to do more to support the farmers. They should improve storage facilities. Research said that to abandon support price and provide them income support. Create more farmers market because this will reduce their transport and storage costs.

One thought on “Farmers suicide in India

  1. How about organising a fundraiser to support the farmers, is that even possible. We have seen all over the world that it can be done and there are a-lot of generous people out there who are willing to donate funds for a good cause. If they have the right and trustworthy organisations, than perhaps it can be done to prevent suicidal.


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