Eating less is better than Eating more

Do you overeat? Well if you do, then you are inviting the houses of diseases into your body. You overeat when you are tempted to eat delicious food surrounding around you. Some people overeat due to stress. Food is a necessity in our life. We should eat only when it is enough for our body.

Overeating cause laziness and obesity. Today many students overeat without doing exercise which cause health problems at a young age. They just eat and get busy with their laptop and phones without doing any exercise. People eating in depression results to weight gaining. Binge-eating disorder people consume large amount of foods. Disease like heart disease, strokes and diabetes can occur in our body. Younger people like to eat sweets and chocolates more. This can increase their calories.

Eating less with healthy food can maintain your health and boost your energy. A proper diet plan is good for human being and can make your brain active. You feel better and can avoid laziness. You are free to eat snacks or junk food , but in small portions. This will give you satisfaction as well no extra fat that wil harm your body. Eating too less can also be bad for our body which results in malnutrition. That’s why you should take proper meal. This can increase your goal to live longer. You will feel less aged. Eat the right amount of calories for you. Drink water and sugar free drinks to quench your thirst. Eat your meal satisfied rather than eating full.

Eat less, Eat healthy. Stay fit