A supermassive black hole suddenly vanished. Scientists think it’s floating through space.

Black holes continue to elude scientists, with a lot about the celestial objects still shrouded in mystery. Now, a cosmic event has shaken astronomers!

A supermassive black hole earlier believed to be situated in the centre of a far off galaxy has suddenly vanished.

The galaxy officially called “A2261-BCG” seems to have lost its black hole. Scientists now believe that the black hole might be floating through space, marking the first such instance ever recorded.

The first ever “recoiling” black hole may now be floating through the universe.

Scientists posit that this implies that a powerful force emanating from somewhere in the galaxy may be behind the ejection of this supermassive black hole. The power of the force would have been strong enough to push the black hole far away!

According to scientists, every galaxy in the universe has at least one giant black hole at the centre. This includes our very own Milky Way.

Recently, a team from the University of Michigan published a study about recoding black holes in the American Astronomical Society Journal.

Lead by Dr Kayhan Gultekin, the team found that a black hole had suddenly went missing. He had had been studying A2261-BCG for quite some time when the unexpected event occurred.

In conversation with Motherboard, the doctor claimed that he was sceptical about seeing anything at the centre of the far-off galaxy, but found nothing.

The team of scientists observing it also believe that the black could be hiding somewhere in the galaxy where it cannot be detected.

A massive force is required to push a black hole from its position, and scientists claim that it could be owing to the collision of two supermassive black holes.

Even then, proving this remains difficult, as we have never been able to observe the collision of two supermassive blackholes