NASA shares pic of huge cluster of galaxies called Abell 370. Can you guess how far it is from Earth?

It isn’t every day that one gets to see a stunning snapshot of a massive cluster of galaxies. However, today isn’t like every other day. Today is any space enthusiast’s lucky day because today NASA has posted a picturesque image of Abell 370, a huge cluster of galaxies. An informative caption accompanies the picture. If you’re someone who generally enjoys learning about space, then you must check out the entire post.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shared this image on its official Instagram account on January 19. The text shared alongside the picture describes what it depicts. It reads, “Smears and streaks of light cover this #HubbleClassic image of a huge cluster of galaxies, called Abell 370. The massive gravity of this cluster causes even light to bend as it passes through, which distorts our view of the galaxies behind Abell 370, creating the warped shapes seen here. This cluster is located a mind-boggling 4.9 billion light-years from Earth”.

Did seeing that picture of the galaxy cluster about 4.9 billion light-years from Earth make your jaw drop? If so, then know that you’re not alone. Since being shared on the photo and video sharing platform merely three hours ago, this post has captured netizens’ attention. The share currently has over 43,100 likes and has also amassed many comments. These numbers are quickly rising.

Here’s what Instagram users had to say about the share. One person said, “Awesome”.

Another individual wrote, “Beautiful”. “Yes, mind-boggling indeed,” read one comment under the share.