The power of advertisements

“There are a lot of great technicians in advertising. And unfortunately, they talk the best game. They know all the rules … but there’s one little rub. They forget that advertising is persuasion, and persuasion is not a science, but an art. Advertising is the art of persuasion.”
– William Bernbach
Advertisements are known to be the spreading of information about a particular brand, product or service in order to engage customers and increase sales. Advertisements have been characterized as the most remarkable, influential, and manipulative instrument that organizations need to control buyers everywhere on the world. It is a type of correspondence that regularly endeavours to convince expected clients to buy or to devour all the more a specific brand of item or administration. Advertisements have had a profound effect especially in today’s day and age. Impacting individuals’ propensities, making bogus requirements, twisting the qualities and needs of our general public with sexism and women’s liberation, publicizing has become a toxic substance snake prepared to chase his prey. In any case, then again, publicizing has had a constructive outcome as an assistance of the economy and society.
Nowadays, it is very hard for a brand or company to spread news and sell their product without advertising. The amount of sales of a product is highly dependent on how much the product is advertised. Brands are using different techniques nowadays to advertise their products. Popular celebrities are often used to advertise their product. New marketing strategies and ideas are being researched every day. Traditionally, advertisements used to be through means such as banners, posters, hoardings, radio or television. With the growth of social media, especially after the internet boom in India, a large amount of advertisements is online nowadays. Most popular social media stars use their social media handles to promote a particular product. This lets them earn vast amounts of revenue from these brands. Brands also try to conduct more and more advertisements through social media since they gain a lot through such means. The main reason to use famous people for such advertisements is that they have a much higher power to convince in comparison to an unknown brand advertising their product, claiming it to be very good. Celebrities have the power to transform their image into the product that they are advertising. It is almost as though they share their personality with the product and with this personality comes the trust of the buyers. However, the selection of a correct person to endorse a brand is prudent. This selection must be done carefully in order to achieve maximum results.

“There is a great deal of advertising that is much better than the product. When that happens, all that the good advertising will do is put you out of business faster.”
– Jerry Della Femina

Fake advertisement is a malpractice and should be done away with. Some examples of such are thing such has hidden fees, changing standard units of measurement to hide downsizing, incorporation of fillers in food and consistently comparing the product to only the competitors that it can beat. Some other example of such fake advertisement is the use of artificial colours to change appearance of food, advertising a high number of vitamins even though it is way under the Dietary Allowance, bait and switch of a discounted product with a product costing far more and permanent acceptance of a product until the consumer manually opts out of accepting it. Unfortunately, such malpractices are very common in today’s world. Harsh penalties are incurred by companies performing such false advertisements and several millions of dollars are lost in lawsuits. The government should be on the lookout for such malpractices and strict actions should be instantly taken to protect the common man.