“Nobody on Earth can ever love you more than your parents.”

Parents and children have a special bond of love and affection. This bond can never be replaced by any other form of relationships, for as the saying goes, “Blood is thicker than water”. Parenthood like any other job requires dedication and sacrifice. So, what qualities should parents impart that would be considered good parenting?

Parenthood is a natural consequence of marriage. Prospective parents should recognize their responsibilities and realize what parenthood involves. One of the essential qualities parents should have is the acceptance of the role of parenthood. The father may resent the child because it would be a rival for the attention of the mother and father, more so if the child is a baby boy. Mother, on the other hand, is put in a different class where her time is no longer her own. Household routine is changed as baby makes demands on her time. Both parents should be willing to make sacrifices, including their career and accept their responsibilities.

Parents love their children and this is a universal truth. But love should in no way or at any time be considered as synonymous with parenting and spoiling the children. They should instill in the children qualities which will help them face life with a sense of integrity and strength of character. These can be cultivated if the parents teach them positively.

Parents should set good examples and provide the right atmosphere which is conductive to the growth of good character traits. A child learns good virtues and the influence of his parents counteract all other influence good or bad as like father like son.

In general, good parenthood requires love and understanding. These two qualities can build a strong world of parent-child relationship. Love must be wholesome but not blind in that it does not ignore discipline and moral values. This love must provide security and confidence to the growing child to be a good thinking adult. Understanding means giving the child the opportunity to find out what he wants, the freedom to try new ideas and the support when the child meets with failure.

Parents should be themselves and allow the children to grow up to be themselves too. Give support and encouragement wherever necessary but temper with love and understanding. Being a good parent is in itself a growing process. Learn to love but love wisely.