‘Tomorrow is the 30th day of challenge, this is it’, Anisha kept thinking. Started at 94 kgs before a month, Anisha was an obese girl standing 5’4″ tall. She wanted to make it to 60 kgs in 5 months for her brother’s wedding. The night before the result day was the longest night Anisha had ever seen. The excitement and nervousness of result didn’t allow her to sleep properly. It was this day she had been waiting for so long.

In the morning she was ready to step onto the weighing scale. The wait for the result day was finally over. She was also thinking about the chocolates, pizza, ice-cream and every other food item she’d eat today after a keto of one month. The day before there were only two emotions she was facing i.e., nervousness and excitement but today another emotion took the prior position and that was fear. What if she hadn’t lost any weight by now? What if that one spoon of custard spoiled it all? What if this one month of starvation and sweating goes in vein? She had been noticing the difference in her physique but still the fear of not losing weight took over.

She finally stepped onto the scale. Her heart pounded as fast as the rumbling of numbers on the scale. The number started rising over 80 kg, at that time Anisha just wished for it to stop before 90. She placed her palms over her face to cover her eyes from seeing the result, though she kept peeping from between the fingers. ‘89.75’ the scale said. Anisha was happy for she lost about 4 kgs in a month but wasn’t satisfied. After one month of the hard-work she expected to lose at least 5 to 7 kgs. But all she lost was 4 kgs. After a battle with herself she had decided onto a cheat meal but the disappointment with her results led her to grief eating.

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At some point or the other we also have faced the same situation as Anisha. Losing weight or gaining weight has been a constant struggle in everyone’s life. The only thing that keeps the strugglers associated with each other is the ‘WEIGHING SCALE’. From the leanest to the heaviest, this scale haunts every person at least once in their lifetime. If you ask an obese person if what scares him the most, the answer wouldn’t be ghost, dogs or some fancy phobias but it would be weighing scale.

While everyone is trying to fit into the societal norms of the ideal weight, many are starving themselves to death for the perfect figure. But who has made these norms defining perfect body type? If the person if healthy in his own body weight then who is society to define his perfect body type or ideal weight?

This concept not only makes the people starve and over-eat but also ruins their self-esteem. In India specially a great emphasis is laid on the weight of adults who have just turned 20, for they have to get ready for the marriage proposals. ‘Itni moti ladki se shaadi kaun karega? Itne patle ladke ko toh ladkiya dekh kar hi mana kar dengi. Thoda sa weight kam karle/ badha le fir perfect hai shaadi k liye. Chaar log kya sochenge?

Do not let those chaar log or the numbers on weighing scale define your perfections. Everybody is a unique person and the key to happiness lies in embracing your uniqueness. It is always advised to live a healthy life, but healthy just doesn’t mean physically healthy but also mentally healthy. Love Yourself and embrace your flaws like your perfections.