Government in Delhi means LG?

With a constant surge in covid cases of the capital city, the central government makes the Government of NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Act, 2021 effective in the ‘National Capital Territory of India’ from 27 April 2021. It means that now while referring to the ‘Government’ of Delhi we will be referring to ‘Lieutenant Governor’. It is a big setback for the AAP Government and Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. 

The question that arises here is ‘What is the Government of NCT of Delhi Act and how can it be a setback to the AAP Government?’

For this answer let’s start from the Background of this act:

  • This act was introduced in the 69th Amendment, 1991 and it stated: ‘the GNCTD Act outlines the powers of the Assembly, the discretionary powers enjoyed by the LG, and the duties of the Chief Minister with respect to the need to furnish information to the LG.’

The Key-features of this Act are as follows:

  • The matters which dealt with public, public order and land were already in the hands of the central government and the rest were being handled by the government formed at the Capital. This Act gives discretionary power to LG even in the administrative measures where the Delhi government was empowered to make laws.  
  • This Act hands over the power of the administration of Delhi into the hands of LG. When this Act is implemented, the AAP Government won’t be able to take any legislative decisions without presenting it to and getting permission from the LG. This Act thus acts as a setback to the Delhi Government and seizes all its administrative powers. 

When an amendment in this act was being passed by Lok Sabha on 22 March and by Rajya Sabha on 24 March, the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal mourned it as ‘Sad day for Indian Democracy’.

As per today this Act has been passed looking at the everyday spike in the cases. While the High Court had warned the government of this future, it was revealed shortly afterwards that the government had been spending more on Advertisements and was proving incompetent in controlling this crisis. This was when the central government had to intervene and bring the Government of NCT of Delhi in force.

We as citizens can pray for the recovery of our people and hope for this second wave to end soon.