Two plants harvested at the International Space Station.

In a recent news, NASA has confirmed of its trials to provide fresh leafy vegetables to the astronauts and currently the news that is capturing everyone’s eye is the success NASA achieved in accomplishing the same.


NASA took to its official page handle and shared the picture of plant. It also stated: ‘Astronauts on the International Space Station recently enjoyed a fresh supply of leafy greens, thanks in large part to the efforts of Expedition 64 crew member Michael Hopkins.’[1]

‘NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission commander took the lead on conducting four Vegetable Production System (Veggie) experiments, with the last two wrapping up after an April 13 harvest. VEG-03K and VEG-03L tested a new space crop, ‘Amara’ mustard, and a previously grown crop, ‘Extra Dwarf’ pak choi. They were grown for 64 days, the longest leafy greens have grown on station.’[2]

Michael Hopkins smells ‘Extra Dwarf’ pak choi plants growing aboard the International Space Station on March 26, 2021. Source:

It was simultaneously reported that the pak choi began its reproductive cycle and the flowers were also observed on it. One of space crop production project scientist and science lead on the four-plant experiments, Matt Romeyn remarked about Hopkins as ‘ I wasn’t all at surprised that he chose this route to make sure the plants were fully pollinated because he has always wanted to be very involved’.

This is indeed one of the incredible achievements by NASA. It is expected to try planting more of them. This is a good news for the astronauts who are completing their duties at International Space Station.