Yoga is a form of exercise that originated in Ancient India. Many people have practiced it for thousands of years. The act of yoga consists of many poses known as “Asana” that have different physical benefits. It is said that if a person practices yoga, he (or) she will become healthier. Yoga was introduced from subcontinent India by the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism, those who performed it were called yogis. The one who teaches yoga is called yogi, a yogi is revered and respected by its followers. Most importantly it is an exercise which people belonging to all religions can perform. Yoga has become very famous throughout the world, every year 21st June is celebrated international yoga day all around the globe. Therefore, many countries have adopted yoga as a form of exercise. Yoga will definitely help in keeping our body hale and healthy.

Yoga is a science which deals in practices of balancing mind, body and soul. Actually, Yoga means Union, union with the Divine. It helps in healing mind, body and finally soul by providing relaxation, positive thinking and harmony. The practice entails low-impact physical activity, postures, breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation.

Yoga plays an important role in human life. People of all ages, sick people as well perform yoga to enjoy a fit and healthy life. But, sick people must take an expert consultation before performing exercises. Because, without consulting the doctor (or) an expert, if a sick person does the yoga, they the pain of the sick person may increases depending upon the body condition. People who perform yoga must follow a routine for exercise, rest and diet. Because yoga possess different postures, and to do that we should take a good intake.

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Yoga allows clearing mind and reaching a more peaceful life approach;
  • It creates a connection between body and mind bringing a needed harmony;
  • Yoga reduces stress, various fears, and mental disorders;
  • It connects a person with nature
  • Helps in keeping ourselves hale and healthy
  • Helps in relaxation and self confidence
  • It balances mind, body and soul.

Western countries have readily adopted yoga for the innumerable health benefits it has to offer. There are thousands of yoga schools in the USA alone that teach the art of yoga. While yoga can be practiced by anyone at home, the complicated postures need some practice. The deeply rooted spiritualism in yoga is because when our minds and bodies are in complete harmony, we attain a sense of divine peace that might be called ‘moksha’ in Sanskrit. The aim of yoga is to connect us to ourselves by eliminating any negative energy in our bodies. It is advised that we must sit on the ground while performing yoga as that would transfer the negative energy to the ground.

Yoga is very helpful for each and every individual. Any age people can do Yoga, but may vary upon their body condition. By doing yoga every day, the day becomes brighter and brighter,

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